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Friday, June 1, 2012

Brutal killings and savagery in civilized World

Animals are barbaric and humans are civilized.  Animals fight, harm and kill their own clan – humans only help others !!  We call our race very civilized  - a term which means that we have advanced from our primitive age, have learnt to cope up with pressures, not succumbing to emotions, treat others with respect, care and concern.  We are attuned to living in Society where every other person is shown care and we share our resources for the common benefit of all !!  we have made great strides in agriculture, Science, technology, medicine, long distance trade, self-governance and more. 

We know how to be relaxed and enjoy ourselves [whether it is Office or at home !]  On 27th May 2012, a Sunday, the crowds were thinner as the city was getting painted in yellow, supporting Chennai Super Kings in the battle against Kolkatta Knight Riders – the fans eventually were disappointed at the loss but the game was enjoyed by many who filled the stadium.  The euphoria had began hours before the first ball was bowled.  People were prepared to buy tickets at exorbitant rates though they kept saying that tickets were available…..   pedlars, hawkers, food stalls and wine shops around the stadium did roaring business

And today morning [28th May 2012] one only  expected to read more trivia on the newspaper of the IPL finals, the plays, the statistics, the men, trivia and more…………….  Sometimes, reading newspaper makes one sad……………..  here is example of gory things that were on print [the example cited here is Times of India, Chennai Edition  – but for certain any other paper would not have been much different]

Man killed for objecting to drinking in public   :  in the suburb of Madipakkai, reportedly, a 52-year-old man was murdered on Saturday night after he objected to two men consuming liquor in front of his house in Madipakkam. is son who came to his rescue was injured in the attack. ive people were arrested in connection with the murder.  The man, Jayaraman noticed two young men consuming liquor in the middle of the road in front of his house.  The  two did not make way for the vehicle.  Jayaraman scolded them for drinking in public – the duo duo entered into an argument with Jayaraman and left the place after warning him of dire consequences.  They found out his mobile number and kept making threat calls from different numbers, said an investigating officer.  Later they came with more friends, called Jayaraman to come out of his house, assaulted him with knives and stones.  Jayaraman died on the spot and Vinoth Kumar,who tried to intervene,sustained injuries.Velu and his friends fled the scene.They were arrested on Sunday morning.

Elsewhere in Sembium, a  37-year-old parttime actor,B Kumar, was stabbed to death by a 3 member gang.  The deceased had acted as a villain in a couple of Tamil movies,was drunk at the time.  The report states that a friend of the actor who was a money-lender used him to threaten people when loans were not properly repaid.  In one such confrontation, there was a melee, the person who had taken loan stabbed Kumar and fled the scene.  Kumar is survived by wife Kasthuri and two daughters. He had done minor roles in a few Tamil movies and also acted in television serials like Kolangal and Idhayam.

In the heart of the city in T.Nagar, Police on Saturday (26/5) detained three juveniles from Kamarajar Colony in T Nagar in connection with the murder of two elderly sisters aged 75 and 72 in May 2011.  The three boys were the prime suspects in the murder eight months ago.  The two sisters were found strangled and 25-30 sovereigns of gold jewellery and cash were missing from their house.  Reportedly the victim’s domestic help and her husband had hired the petty offenders to kill the old women. 

In another incident in the suburbs of Chitlapakkam, Police fished out a duo who had fallen into a lake after consuming liquor and died later.

While these are barbaric acts – a confession by a Party claiming to be so disciplined has shocked the civilized  World – the crime and utterance are ghastly and heinous…. 

It is the statement of MM Mani, Idukki Dist Secretary of CPM, that they have killed the enemies of the party.  He  is quoted as stating ‘yes, We have shot,stabbed and beaten them to death’. A hit-list of party enemies was prepared and each of them was executed in that order.  Had it been some other State, the Human Rights activists would have been jumping to bring down the Government – but their voices are not heard now.  It simply is a brazen display of medieval thuggery – and the local leader is outrageous in openly claiming that. – and these words were uttered in a meeting convened to clarify their position in another death.  The shocking footage of his speech has found its way to the state’s TV channels and is vivid with details of the murders, of the plans and executions.  Some reports have it that it describes a list of 13, of which 4 are no more living.   “The first one was shot dead, the second was beaten to death and the third was stabbed to death,” he said with absolute derision, citing their names and other details.  The murders he narrated were in fact among the most sensational in the district – three of them in the early 1980s and the fourth in 2004. In the first three, nobody had been convicted for lack of evidence.

The chief minister and the home minister said his speech would be examined and action would be taken. The DGP has also asked the district police chief to take action including re-examination of the case-diary. The families of the victims said they would go to court asking for new investigation.

The murder of Revolutionary Marxist Party leader TP Chandrasekharan has drawn unprecedented public ire.  There were reports of a former Minister threatening a DSP, part of the investigating team.  Chandrasekharan was unarmed, had not been involved in a fight and was hacked beyond recognition by a hired criminal gang. Although the CPM has washed its hands off the murder, investigation of the case has led the police to several CPM functionaries including an area secretary and criminals whom they had allegedly hired for the murder.

Savagery, brutality, grisly murders, goons, hired murders, killing, kidnapping, maiming, forcing, shutting voices, oppression – all seem to occur in the modern civilized World.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.          
28th May 2012

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