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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Malaiyur Mambattiyan retold – and the impact in real life…

This is no post on ‘the remake of movie Mambattiyan’ with Prashant in the cast redoing what propelled his father to stardom 25 years ago…..The rage of Cinema – in India, in Tamilnadu, in Andhra, in Hindi belt is  extra-ordinary.   People worship those connected with tinseldom who earn millions and have views on everything – Nation also keeps showering awards on them – right from Cine awards to Padma awards; the present amendment would pave way to Bharat Ratna even……..

Once a film is a reasonable success – the lives of  all those involved – the actor, actresses, comedian, music director, lyric writer, camera man and …..  more – undergoes a complete metamorphosis.  They become extremely popular and you can find their interviews on everything.  Not to totally denounce them but people need to understand that there could be huge difference between what is portrayed, exhibited and acted on stage and the real life situation. 

Cinema is one industry  - entertainment industry, they call – one place where the earning has no inverse relation to talent, hardwork or education; people become rich overnight  – where only a small portion of money gets accounted – every blockbuster is touted as having been made spending… crores of rupees – but does the producer as and when they make huge money, do proportionately pay Income tax, which every citizen is expected of.  How many Actors  / Actresses – account what they earn and pay income tax sincerely ? – they tend to advise the Nation and expect people to do lot of things without ever them showing or following what is preached .. year after year there would be movies on black money, politicians swindling money and other immoral acts – when many keep breeding there itself.

Gone are those days when the Hero had to be good looking, doing good deeds only.  MGR was so cautious that he was never on public view without make-up and his characteristic fur cap – and he acted in good roles, never spoke or drank on stage… later heroes were different – Rajnikant was exception and a trendsetter in many ways.  I myself was attracted by this bearded man – who was not a great hit among the other regular watchers.  His film was a rage in 1983 – ‘Malaiyur Mambattiyan’ starring Thiagarajan and Saritha.  Being not a cinema buff, remember that the storyline revolved around Mambattiyan in a remote village opposing the powerful zameendar who kills the hero’s father.  Against the oppressive landlord Mambattiyan rises in revolt, kills in revenge – takes refuge in forest where he is supported by some and together they become do-gooders………. Perhaps, you can find parallels in many a hit cinema of many languages …

‘Maestro’ Ilayaraja’s music and songs  contributed in no small measure to the huge success especially the song ‘kattu vazhi pora ponne kavalaipadathe’ was a super hit.   – that propelled Thiagarajan to great heights ; he did similar stories which bombed at box office.. Going by the story line – the hero is a fighter of social rights who would selflessly sacrifice himself for  the good of the society, he is powerful and dreaded, feared by anti-socials and others – he does good for the society putting fear in the minds of bad… too good to read.. can real life be similar ?

The story reportedly was of a real-life incident of a community leader Mambattiyan– instead of making them happy the film has troubled them, if paper reports are to be believed.   There are reports that the son and sister of Mambattiyan had moved Court seeking stay on its release.   It is stated that the clan of Mambattiyan now live in Mecheri in Salem.  Her sister was reported as saying that incidents happened in the past – now they live in constant fear of their lives, fearing that there could reprisal from those killed by Mambattiyan decades ago.  She feels that films and press reports would bring back reminiscences of the past and the victims would get enraged and might engage in retaliation – though Mambattiyan was a great hero – the moral is ‘live is not the same over the years’

A hero might defy the entire village hoodlums on silver screen but in reality things can be far different – and glorification of events might make the cine stars ‘rich and famous’ – but for the families of those involved – the woes would continue for ever.

With regarads – S. Sampathkumar

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