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Sunday, December 25, 2011

hailstorms in Victoria - some insurance and some cricket news from there

World over – people are partying and enjoying their holidays.  A glance at the newspaper made some interesting read.

A mother with 3 children was allegedly more than 5 times the legal alcohol limit – the 45 year old had blood alcohol reading of 0.257, was stopped at a booze bus operation in  the night as Police scooped down on festive blitz revelers.   This woman, immediately had her license suspended for 12 months and is expected to face  Court at a later date.  Police are urging motorists to stay alert, sober and within the speed limit as part of Operation Summer Stay which will see increased road patrols.

It was certainly not in the Beach Road in Chennai or any other part of the State or the Nation but a news from Victoria !

Elsewhere in US, a 49 year old woman told the Press that she put a high value Christmas gift in the trunk of a car identical to her daughter’s silver Ford Focus and then went on a shopping spree as most women indulge.  When she came back, she was dismayed to see the car not there and notified the Police.    However, the manufacturers questioned the story telling that one key of car would not open the other, thought could have been identical in looks.

In Western countries, it is often said that during Christmas times with its usual parties, the number of home insurance claims shoot up.  From smashed televisions, household equipments breakdowns, wine spillage on soft furnishing, house fire, chimney fires, injury to pets including unusual food consumption, water damage  and more are the claims.

Also read about Yarra river, originally known as Birrarung from its source in Yarra ranges flowing 242 km opening out into plains and winding its way to Port Philip.   Port Philip is a large bay.  There have been thunderstorms in these areas and the  Bureau of Meteorology has forecast dangerous thunderstorms which will bring destructive winds and large hailstones.  It is stated that the  emergency services have already received 300 calls for help with reports of building damage and hailstones the size of lemons.

Found the above interesting -  all these were read in trying to read something about Melbourne, where India play Australia in the Boxing day test tomorrow.    As you would know,  Victoria is a state of Australia, in the south-east of the country. Geographically the smallest mainland state, Victoria is bordered by New South Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania.  Victoria is Australia's most densely populated state.  Victoria has a written constitution enacted in 1975.  Melbourne is its Capital.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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