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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are you a Blackberry User and do you know what is "PIN"

Dear (s)

I came to know of this recently.  May not be a fresh news but still thought of sharing as there could benefits. 

All our Blackberry devices have an unique identification known as ‘pin no.’ – it is an  eight character hexadecimal identification number assigned to each BlackBerry device.  Understand that PINs cannot be changed manually on the device (though BlackBerry technicians are able to reset or update a PIN server-side), and are locked to each specific BlackBerry.   Read that at the time of manufacture,  each BlackBerry device is assigned a unique personal identification number (PIN). This allows identification of each BlackBerry and ensures that mail destined for a particular individual is delivered correctly.

BlackBerry devices support direct PIN-to-PIN messaging. If you know the PIN of your recipient's BlackBerry, you can compose an email message using the PIN instead of the email address; i.e., between the blackberry users – when we incorporate the pin no. of the other user, we have the option of sending SMS / MMS / e-mail or PIN them the message and understand that the PIN messages between blackberries (even of different service providers are not charged !)  **

To know the PIN no. of blackberry of one equipment – simply hold the alt + control keys together and press h key and you get variety of information of the equipment including PIN.   There is another simple way – create a new mail or SMS message and on the body type ‘Mypin’ – the PIN no. automatically appears.  All that you need is  to obtain the PIN no. of the other user and enter it in your contact list – the other user will have to accept your invitation and from then on you will be able to send messages through PIN (even Internationally)

**  whether one would be charged or not might depend on the plan that their service provider gives them as also whether roaming charges are applicable.

Conceptually, PIN messages only involve data like what is involved in e-mail or web browsing. They are not like SMS messages and the Operator would surely not charge you on per-message + distance-wise.  Most likely that if you have an unlimited data plan, you would not be charged for any PIN message.  If not, the message would in all probability be reckoned based on the data limit.   PIN is an instant message, (mostly free) and supposedly one can carry on several conversations at the same time. I think one can even chat with a group !, send files and track their messages.

Hope this of some use to all  those who use blackberry….

With regards
S. Sampathkumar.

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