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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Net Ball - which side would that fall !!

 Net neutrality  !!  In ball games like Tennis, Table Tennis, Volley ball – there is the Net which is the divider – the contesting team / players are on each side – the ball passes over the net and not under the net !  - in some cases, the ball might rest on the net for a brief while and then fall – this side or that side !! 

Net neutrality keeps the internet on an equal footing, prohibiting internet service providers (ISPs) from manipulating or discriminating content on the web. This means no preferential treatment is given to certain websites over others. Without net neutrality, secondary fees could come into play, particularly for online corporations like Netflix, and these fees could then trickle down to consumers. For example, ISPs could create a premium “fast lane” connection for specific sites and services, which could throttle traffic for those that don’t subscribe to it. 

Net tricklers have been a part of the game, but before the 21st century, our volleyball ancestors were playing according to different rules. 

In volley ball,  the ball is allowed to hit the net. If it goes over it’s a fair serve, if it doesn’t, the serving team loses the point and possession. Prior to 2001, if the ball hit the net it was a service error whether it went over or not. A volleyball player can’t make contact with the net during the action of playing the ball. If the player touches the net while jumping to hit, hitting, or landing it will be called against the player.  It is  a foul for any part of player’s  body besides  hand or foot to touch the centerline at any time during play.


In Tennis, when the ball touches the net in serve, the server would be allowed another attempt to serve the ball in the court, without penalty. But after serve in service return and volley, these net balls could be annoying as they could drop a few inches from the net with player being unable to reach it !  when the ball strikes the net, it actually slows down a great deal. 

Away, Netball is a ball sport played on a rectangular court by two teams of seven players. It is among a rare number of sports which have been created exclusively for female competitors and remains primarily played by women.  . Netball is most popularly played in Commonwealth nations.  A common misunderstanding of netball's origins has resulted in the mistaken belief that netball was created to prevent women from playing basketball. However, netball's development traces back to American sports teacher Clara Gregory Baer's misinterpretation of the basketball rule book in 1895.


A couple of photos taken at Beach volley ball in Marina recently
With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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