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Monday, July 13, 2015

interesting Unsend / edit message / destruct facility from !!

Technology is always a marvellous tool…..  there are some who still do not use e-mail – while there are some, who have moved away from e-mail(s) feeling that it is antiquated !!

For those who continue to use – could have encountered the experience of responding to some communication in haste – replying to all – and then ruing it that, it should not have been sent to a particular or a group of people in that list ! – often that could land the sender in unwanted trouble  - ‘reply all’ – a recipe for disaster or  unpleasantness, the least !

In Microsoft Outlook, there is this feature of stopping delivery of a mail wrongly sent and optionally replace with another message – the catch is – only when sent to another Microsoft Exchange Server user within your organization. Message recall is available after you click Send and then realize that you forgot to attach a file, include information in the message, or want to revise what was originally sent.   One cannot however recall messages sent to email addresses outside your organization ~and you wished that Gmail too had such a facility !!  I had posted on June 24, 2015 on Gmail adding 'Undo Send' tool to stop embarrassing emails getting to the wrong people.   However, that was very limited option for it can be undone only in 10,20 or max of  30 seconds of sending -  effectively delaying  the sending by half-a-minute, giving the option to change the mind and the content !  -  not thereafter .. can one really realise and change mind within half a second ?  perhaps not !!!!  Read my earlier post on :

Now received e-mail from ‘ ’ – which actually allows users to unsend or edit any email after it's been sent (even after being opened by the recipient). Sounds great – and that too by using one’s existing email address.  Lured by this followed the link – registered  an account with followed the uncomplicated  setup guide, and it actually works !!!

The site claims that removes all content from the body of the email (including any attachments) that was . The email itself will always remain in recipient's inbox along with the subject line – however, all email message content will be removed.  There is facility of ‘self-destruct’ option too.

In the 1st instance – sent an e-mail to my live ID – opened it, and then edited the mail from  The mail to live ID appears as sent from gmail ID only and the next time, the edited message appeared, though with the message that it has been edited by the Sender.  Another mail sent with option ‘self-destruct’ got destroyed too.

Interesting technology !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

13th July 2015.

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