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Friday, June 21, 2013

Traffic changes in Anna Salai [Mount Road] effective 19th June 2013

Chennai has few good stretches of roads…. Perhaps. Chennai is not ideally planned – the arterial Mount Road (Anna Salai) takes most of the traffic and there are no parallel roads.   The city has choked many a times whenever political agitation or a show of strength by any leader  left the city paralysed.  The balance is so thin that some diversion occurring somewhere, would adversely affect people elsewhere and one can see huge crowds waiting for the buses and vehicles piling up unable to move. Traffic  snarls are too common as vehicles try to by-pass another – and sadly, you have little options or the proverbial ‘hobson’s choice’. 

May be some solution would dawn … the façade of  Chennai is set to change………… – decades ago, Cinema will show heroine landing up in Chennai  from a village – the camera would show the Central station, LIC in Mount Road, Pallavan Transport buses, Anna Samadhi and the like – now lot is expected of Chennai Metro which runs underground and over the road in some places.   With Metro rail, something impossible happened – traffic in the main artillery road – Mount Road aka Anna Salai was regularized.  Many eye-brows were raised when effective 1st March 2012, prime part of the Mount Road after Devi Paradise complex – from Wellington junction [just prior to Alankar theatre and LIC] was made one way – vehicles plying towards Spencers Signal were not allowed to use that stretch of Anna Salai and were re-directed towards GP Road, Whites Road, to join Anna Salai near United India HO.  

Slowly, people got used to changes and the traffic in one side of the road started flowing somewhat freely.  Subsequently more parts of the Mount Road became one way… there were many other parts of Chennai too which took the brunt. 

A small stretch of Mount road from VGP [opp to erstwhile famous Bata show room] till the Buhari hotel ~ in between housing Santhi Theatre complex, Devi Paradise Complex, Suguna Vilas sabha [GPO / Saradhas / Dhun Building / Hotel Mathura on the other side]  remained normal – not any longer.

From 19th June 2013, the Chennai city traffic police  has  introduced new diversions in Anna Salai to ease traffic congestion. With the present change, vehicles travelling from Teynampet, Spencer, LIC in Mount road  towards Omandurar Complex [proposed Specialty hospital / Sectt complex] Chennai Central are diverted towards Dams Road / Pudupet Road / Gaiety / Casino  to reach Anna Salai.

Vehicles coming in the opposite direction from The Hindu Office / P Orr Sons /  Chennai Central are allowed to travel asusual on Anna Salai.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.


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