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Thursday, June 6, 2013

posters all over Triplicane hailing performance of SYMA Growth students

This morning Triplicanites woke up to see a new poster…. of course posters are nothing new to Chennaites or people elsewhere…

A couple of decades ago, posters were the best source of reaching the masses.  Most Fridays, new cinemas would be released and whole of Tamilnadu would see double-sized posters of the new release, attracting more people to the theatres. Slowly the culture permeated so deep that there were posters hailing 100th day – degenerated to 25 days and even successful opening.  There were some hailing the audio release and pooja of proposed films even. Posters are the most preferred form of advertisement for political parties too – in some places, even death would be communicated through posters. You would have seen posters of Temple festivals, of political agendas, cinemas, hailing regional and caste leaders, announcing the death of near and more…  – have you  ever seen posters pertaining to education or ones  hailing the performance of students ?

We live by the axiom that ‘Education is the only tool which can uplift the Society and empower the lower echelons of the Society’. The foremost responsibility of a Social Service Organisation is to improve the society and help the underprivileged.  This is better done by providing the children good education.   Arising out of various reasons, some students could lose focus and would tend to fade away.  A Social Service Organisation’s objective is to help the society.  We want better citizens.  We want to inculcate in them great qualities and we felt the need for taking care of those students who are on the margin and would not succeed if no personal attention is provided.  From smaller experimentations to full-fledged quality educational assistance in the form of SYMA Growth was born on 6th July 2008, a very auspicious day, inaugurated at NKT National Girls Higher Secondary School, Triplicane by Shri R Sekar, IPS, (the then) Commissioner of Police, Greater Chennai. We  have nicely moved along having completed 5 successful years. Almost all of our students are from the lower echelons of society and some of them are first generation students with no support in the family. Many do not have conducive atmosphere at home, nor the proper support – still they strive to achieve is what heartens. Life often is a struggle for have-nots and there are many who have to struggle for even ordinary things.   We try to learn from our experiences trying to iron-out the rough edges.

At SYMA Growth, we have  X Std Tamil Medium; X Std English Medium; +2 Commerce Group and +2 Science Group. For the academic year 2012-13, we enrolled around 65 students in the +2 stream and around 60 for the X standard.. We are keen on imparting value education and are strict in discipline. There are anxious moments in life ~ the day when results are announced is one of that. In earlier days, SSLC was a great landmark and results used to be published in Newspapers.  In fact, local dailies would run a special supplement and finding one’s number in the paper would give the student the greatest joy.  The SYMA administrators relive that anxiety these days when the results of +2 / X are announced, as we care so much  for the future of our students from SYMA Growth.

The +2 results have been announced recently and our students have done well.  In the Science group all but 2 passed and in Commerce group 4 of the students failed.  In Science Group 3 students got more than 1000 marks; while 4 got >1000 in Commerce Group.  Our topper this year is N Anirudhan who secured 1125 with 199 in Chemistry and 192 in  Biology.  Special appreciations for this brilliant student who has defied odds to come out with flying colours. Ms P Monisha secured 1099; S. Saravana Kumar got 1061.  In Commerce group – J Poojitha got 1081; followed by V Rohini 1059; V Vigneshwaran 1037 and N Anush 1017. 

The X Standard results announced a couple of days back, brought us more cheers…….. all our Candidates from English medium  passed out; sadly 4 from Tamil medium failed.  13 from English medium secured more than 400 marks.  In Tamil medium 4 students got more than 400 marks.  The Centre topper is AP. Archana with 488/500; followed by R Arun 483/500; R Purushothkumar 476/500; PS. Guruprasath 473/500; M Narasimhan 473/500; M Lekhasree 461/500; V. Subashree 460/500…….and more…..

At the time of inauguration, as a carrot for improved performance in studies, we had told our ‘SYMA Growth’ tuition centre students that we would print posters with photos of all students who score more than 400 out of 500 in X and more than 1000 out of 1200 in +2.  We are buoyed the performance of our students and this is the time to fulfill our promise. This is a grand achievement by our students  considering the fact that most come from economically poor family, have none to guide them at home and the environ at home is not so conducive. We appreciate all those who have performed well and wish that they study well further and march towards a chosen successful career path.  Here is the poster that sprang up in Triplicane today hailing our students……….

No words can describe our gratitude to the management of NK Thirumalachariar Educational Trust and NKT Boys Higher School.  We thank the NKT Management for providing us the infrastructure and all the support.  We thank  Smt. Leela Sekhar, Secreatry of NKT Trust and the Head master of the School Mr S Venkatadri.

We pray to Almighty for continued success of this project and look forward to continued support of you all.  The success is due to the blessings of Lord Parthasarathi who guides us in all our steps.  We must place on record our thanks and gratitude to those teachers who taught these students with great dedication, commitment and devotion.  We thank all our teachers - SarvaShri S Venkatadri,  Senthil Murugan, KS Venkatakrishnan, Kannan, T Srinivasan, MK Sridharan, Shahul Hameed, Raghu, Lakshmanan;  Mrs.KN Vijayalakshmi,  Mrs. Subashini, Mrs. Lakshmi Arulalan,  Mrs. Kanthimathi, Mrs. Devasena, Ms Yogambal  – for their care and attendance. Our Coordinator Mrs Thara and the team who assisted her also deserve special appreciation.

We cannot rest on laurels and have to constantly improve. This year we have already distributed applications, conducted personal interviews and have finalized the students. The Current Academic year for Growth will commence with a pooja on 12th June 2013.  We want all our students to study well and prosper in life.  Many of you have supported SYMA especially this project.  We request you to visit our facility at least once and help us in continuation of our projects in improved manner.  A Big Thank you to all of you.

Our Educational Aid Function wherein  we honour school toppers; distribute around 1200 sets of uniforms and distribute financial aid to students is slated to be held in the 2nd week of July 2013.  Thanks to those of you who have donated for this cause.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

6th June 2013.


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