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Monday, June 3, 2013

Sale of (tender) coconut water [Ilaneer] soars up by 168%

‘Sales of coconut water soar 168%’ read the newsitem as it attracted me.. the water of tender coconut with high caloric value, technically the liquid endosperm, is the most nutritious wholesome beverage that the nature has provided for the people of the tropics to fight the sultry heat.

In hot atmosphere with scorching Sun, people need to quench their thirst ~ and most tend to buy cool drinks …. ‘tanda mathlab…..’….  most think that an icy-cold soft drink is the necessity ! – you go to any mall or any shop even it be a roadside one – you get the multinational branded Coke or Pepsi and can enjoy the chill bottled drink.  It might appear to be refreshing but actually it is not – it would neither reduce your thirst nor supplement you in any manner.  Loaded with sugar and devoid of any nutritional value, carbonated soft drinks can only do harm.  You can read that it contains – carbonated water, sugar, caffeine, phosphoric acid, caramel colour and natural flavouring but does not contain any fruit juice or fruit pulp, yes a fruit drink where fruit is not a component in any manner.  

From the days of Fanta, Campacola and Goldspot backed up by Kali Mark,  Bovonto and Mapillai Vinayakar in interior places, the industry has come a long way.  People would say that there is nothing like taking ‘tender coconut water’ [ilaneer] which is nutritious, a health drink promoting digestion. There are many many medicinal properties  attributed to tender coconut water  which is an excellent oral rehydration medium, which would keep the body  cool.  It will kill intestinal worms; presence of saline and albumen in it makes it  good drink in cholera cases; it checks urinary infections.  It aids the quick absorption of the drugs and makes their peak concentration in the blood easier by its electrolytic effect.

In Chennai city, in keeping with the rising temperature, prices of tender coconut water  soared 20-30 % this summer due to short supply.  The red variety from Pollachi sold like hot cakes.  In bigger shops, the bottled tender coconut water was also on sale….~with increased shelf-life, it also was bought by many. 

Well, the sale hike % was not here but in UK and was after  after Madonna ploughed £1million into Britain’s leading brand.  Daily Mail of 1st June 2013 reported that the  soaring popularity of coconut water has sent new product launches rocketing as celebrities such as Madonna and Rihanna give the healthy sports drinks a major boost. 

While coconut water was once the preserve of exotic holidays, the latest research shows that it has been the surprise toast of the beverage industry in recent years. The number of product introductions more than quintupled (+540%) in the past five years (2008/2012) and products containing it have been taking off on an international scale. Market research analysts Mintel says that new product launches are dominated by North America, totaling 35% of global coconut water introductions in 2012, up from just 17% in 2008.

Europe followed with 34% of new products launched last year, up from 13% in 2008, while Asia Pacific accounted for 14% in 2012, up from 9% in 2008. Jonny Forsyth, Global Drinks Analyst at Mintel, said: 'Coconut water contains naturally high levels of electrolytes, including potassium, calcium and magnesium, which have made it popular as a sports drink for natural foods consumers.

'Coconut water is doing particularly well in the US because both sports recovery drinks and vitamin-enhanced waters are well-established - much more so than in other countries - meaning that people already buy into the benefits of electrolytes in a beverage.  'Sales of the product have also being helped by its rapid take-up among celebrities and high-profile investments from beverage companies.' And the popularity of coconut is not limited to beverages. Just as coconut water products have flooded the market, so too has coconut oil. Overall, the use of coconut oil in food and beverages accounted for 26% of food and drink new product launches in 2012, up from 15% in 2008. 

Vita Coco is Britain's leading brand of coconut water

With reference to coconut oil used exclusively as oil, the growth over the past five years is even more apparent, with 780% growth between 2008 and 2012. The top five claims attached to new launches of coconut oils are vegetarian, featured on 53% of coconut oil in 2012, premium (38%), organic (38%), all natural product (21%) and no additives/preservatives (17%). Laura Jones, Global Food Science Analyst at Mintel said: 'The profiles of coconut water and oil have been raised by the multitude of purported health benefits linked to their consumption.

'Coconut oil has been implicated in strengthening the immune system, as well as helping to prevent obesity. Coconut oil is also promoted as being cholesterol free, although it still contributes to cholesterol, and as an oil that can raise the ‘good’, high density lipoprotein (HDL), cholesterol.'

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

3rd June 2013.


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