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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fire hazard and need to be safe ~ Advt not of an Insurer ~ that of Eureka

It is there as part of our life, recorded from time immemorial, can be natural, accidental and can be man-made… it purifies,  ensures the taste of food that we savour, is involved in the biggest of industrial applications ~  and can cause diabolic destruction – destroying human lives, property and more… it is the ‘Fire’. Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction. The flame is the visible portion of the fire.

For General Insurers World over, it is one the primary products – Fire Insurance Policy – a  contract under which the insurer in return for a consideration (premium) agrees to indemnify the insured for the financial loss which the latter may suffer due to destruction of or damage to property or goods, caused by fire.   Surprisingly most Standard Fire policies offer protection not only against fire but against a bouquet of perils including lightning, Impact damage, aircraft damage,  wind perils like – storm, tempest, hurricane, tornado and water perils like ‘storm and inundation’. 

Often, we see or hear fire accidents destroying slums and other dwellings, sometimes sadly resulting in death of humans and cattle.  Offices, Restaurants, residential buildings, factories and many more are damaged by fire, and many a times, electrical short-circuiting is stated to be reasons of the fire.  Not many would have had  a first-hand experience with fire and most of us have been lucky that it has not happened to us. Often, we tend to believe that it won’t happen to us. Every year, crores of rupees in property damage occur as a result of fire. Victims of fire related accidents can suffer serious harm, including burn injuries to their entire body.

Fire hazards are a common threat to establishments and one gets to read fire losses quite frequently.  When fire strikes, it can decimate and throw the establishment totally out of gears and it will take months to recoup from the disaster.  Insurance offers financial protection and the policy holder will be supported appropriately by the indemnification of the Insurer upon occurrence of loss or damage arising out of fire and allied perils. 

So, if you happen to see an Advertisement speaking of ‘ill-effects’ of Fire and possible ways of protecting yourself, you perhaps would associate that with an Insurer……….. 

Today’s [17th Feb 2013] Times of India [Chennai edition] had an ‘advertiser’s front page wrapping ~ full page one at that [made to look like a page affected by fire] detailing various fire accidents across the Nation and that most of them being caused by ‘electrical short circuit’.  It was not any Insurer soliciting his product ~ the fire Insurance but….. that of ‘Eureka Forbes’ promoting their product ‘Fireguard’

About a couple of months back, Home appliances maker Eureka Forbes launched portable fire extinguishers -- Fireguard.  These are small in size and there are 2 variants one for home and other for bigger establishments priced at close to Rs.5000/- and Rs.8000/- respectively.   Eureka claims to guarantee these products for 21 years and claims that these fire extinguishers can withstand fire of up to 360 degrees.  The Advt mentions of free insurance cover upto 1 crore too. 

Aside, a film of Deepa Mehta starring Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das,  titled ‘Fire’ created ripples as it somewhat explicitly dealt with homosexual relations.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
17th Feb 2013


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