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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Taking Call - over 1000 ft highline - Trancede Melet Style

‘Taking Calls’ – in general parlance would mean ‘willing to receive telephone calls’. 

The modern World has forgotten the art of communication, though is talking more and talking more louder too.  Most people do not seem to keep their mobiles down, irrespective whether they are in public place, in theatre, Temple, walking on  the road, driving a  vehicle – especially two wheeler or crossing a busy road or even a railway track.

Still, there are many calls which go unconnected – you call someone urgently, it keeps ringing; you hear a song or caller tone which no longer is pleasant or at times you get a continuous busy tone – you try calling the no. again and again – then you think that the caller would return the call……. Nothing happens – you are unable to communicate, curse the system, the recipient and everybody else and try to shift the blame stating ‘you could not get through’.

Remember that closer 2 decades ago, there were a single or at best of couple of telephone lines for an entire office and still people could  call, talk, communicate, freely exchange and make them heard in the manner they liked.  How was that possible – one wonders !!

If you are the one to take the call at the first or next ring, you could feel the annoyance of pesky unsolicited calls – asking for personal details, offering personal loans and trying to sell products which you would never require in life.  There have been announcements by TRAI that this menace would be curbed.  There were reports that the Govt. last year, disconnected over 51,000 telephone numbers of unregistered telemarketers. Besides, 88307 notices have been sent to subscribers who have not registered as a telemarketer but were doing the telemarketing activities till July, 2012 – but the irking unsolicited calls and messages do continue, though reduced to a large extent now..   understand that ‘140’ number series stands  allotted to registered telemarketers.

This is entirely different post…. !! – if this man had not taken the call, it would not have been a news at all – after all no one wanted him to carry a mobile and sure none would take the call at that time. The daredevil person did !!!!

Yes, I do want to buy life Insurance said this  Frenchman,  precariously balancing above a breathtaking 1,000 foot drop on a narrow highline; he even stopped to chat for twenty minutes. Although he was wearing a safely rope, it was still an awesome spectre. 

Here is a report as it appeared in – by Emma Clark.

They say it's good to talk but thrill-seeker Trancede Melet could have been forgiven for letting this call go to voicemail. Despite precariously balancing above a breathtaking 1,000 foot drop on a narrow highline, the brave Frenchman was happy to answer the badly-timed call and even stopped to chat for twenty minutes.

Vertigo free Mr Melet was caught on camera during the dizzying stunt to cross a 20 metre gap between two cliffs, with just a harness around his waist attached to a small rope to keep him safe.

Mountaineer photographer Alexandre Buisse looked on in amazement as the professional daredevil crossed the line between two cliffs in the Dalles Grises region of the Verdon Gorges, France, and heard his phone begin to ring. Expecting him to ignore the call, Mr Buisse was stunned to see him calmly stop and chat, even sitting down and admiring the view as he got deep into conversation.

'Tancrede is well known in France as a highliner and has starred in a film about the sport, he just saw his phone ringing and decided to answer it, he didn't mind the fact he was so high up in the air.

I personally wouldn't have answered it, or maybe put my phone on silent if I knew I was going to do something like this, but not Tancrede.' Alexandre, who travels the world documenting the amazing high-wire sport, said he loved photographing it because of the contrast between the person and the extreme background. 'Obviously the position of the person is very exposed which just adds to the sense of danger you get from this, all they have keeping them on the rope is a little piece of wire.'

A real dare devil indeed

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
Photos courtesy : Daily Mail.

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