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Friday, October 26, 2012

rich affection of poor rickshaw puller - child care at its best in Jaipur

There are rich and then there are the poor  - as you walk down the street – you can see their palpable misery – they live in chill penury – enduring hardships at every step – their economic  condition is miserable ; they have little or no money; do not have the basic requirements of a residential place, proper food to eat, and decent enough clothes – not a fault of theirs – many of them are industrious, willing to do hard work ……. Still their miseries get confounded – it pinches one’s heart to see children born, grow and live in such conditions.  Their economic conditions do not impede their affection – many are extraordinarily attached to their family.

Here is a heart-rending story – yesterday I read this in Daily Mail, a UK portal - was deeply moved; this morning read the story in Tamil vernacular popular newspaper –‘Dinamalar’ – different styles of reporting.  You will sure understand once you read the story below and later  the one of Dinamalar [translated by me]

It is really heart-rending story of a poor rickshaw worker in the State of Rajasthan,  forced to take one-month-old baby to work after wife dies after giving birth.   The image courtesy tells it all.

A heart-wrenching image of an Indian rickshaw worker who has been forced to take his newborn baby to work because there is no-one available to look after her. Bablu Jatav has been carrying his one-month-old daugher, Damini, in a cloth sling around his neck since his wife Shanti died shortly after giving birth to her. The devoted dad, 38, said he was now forced to take the baby to work with him in Bharatpur city everyday because he has no other relatives to care for her.  Bablu Jatav has to take his newborn daughter to work because there is no-one available to look after her after his wife died shortly after giving birth to the girl child.

Bablu Jatav was married to his wife for 15 years before she passed away after giving birth to their daughter.  The baby, thought to be a boon as she was born after 15 years of married life, but with the blessing came the crude shock of demise of his beloved wife.  Poor man, he had no-one to look after the little child and had to keep the baby with him even when he is at work – not in office but on the streets, pulling the rickshaw, a strenuous job.  Daily Post concludes stating that Jatav is overwhelmed by offers of help after his story emerged and it is believed the Indian authorities are now stepping in to help him after hearing of his plight.

Now the one in Dinamalar……  At Jaipur, a girl child has turned her father in to a rich person worth lakhs within months of her birth.  It is the story of Babloo Jatav, a rickshaw puller in the streets of Jaipur in Rajasthan.  The man aged 34, had his wife admitted in Jaipur Govt hospital on 20th of last month, from when his woes grew more. 

During childbirth, his wife died and the child had lot of complications adding to the burdens.  The hospital sent out the child handing over the new-born to the father. With no support, the man had to shoulder the burden – he could not rest at home, had to be on the streets to make his ends meet and still had to take care of the infant too.  He got an innovative idea – that of a cloth sling – he took the baby in the sling and carried it wherever he went, taking loads of people and transporting them places.

The extraordinary care and concern he showered on the sick child moved people; this was shown on a private local channel too – he was on the local vernacular press – and that changed his  way of life.  The child Damini meantime had some complications and had to be hospitalized – a private hospital offered free treatment keeping the child in incubator. 

The child reportedly is still in hospital but has recovered well – would be discharged sooner.  Good hearted people have started worrying, how the poor father would take care of her.  As the news spread, more people are willing to help and the help is swelling.. Rajastan State Govt has come forward to foot the medical bill; Jaipur District Collector has offered help; a Bank has donated new cycle rickshaw worth Rs.10,000/- ; many people have provided financial help, depositing money in to a Savings bank account of  the poor cycle rickshaw puller which reportedly is worth 14 lakhs now.

The poor man firmly says that he will nurture the motherless child so well and ensure that she studies well and grows well.  He  says with assurance  that ‘he would never beg using the child’ and that the Society should never neglect the girl child and perhaps he could set an example.

The care and affection of  Bablu Jatav as also the kind-heartedness of people deserve appreciation.  Humanity still lives

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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