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Monday, October 8, 2012

Noble deed of Orange seller - தொல் உலகில் நல்லார் ஒருவர் உளரேல் !!

Heard of “Citrus sinensis “ - the most commonly grown tree fruit in the world.

நெல்லுக்கு இறைத்த நீர் வாய்க்கால் வழி ஓடிப்
புல்லுக்கும் ஆங்கே பொசியுமாம்-தொல் உலகில்
நல்லார் ஒருவர் உளரேல் அவர் பொருட்டு
எல்லார்க்கும் பெய்யும் மழை.

-         these are the immortal words of Tamil Poetess Avvaiyar.  She says – ‘the water that is drained for paddy crop makes it available for the grass shrubs also; so also in this ancient World, when there are good people doing good deeds, it would pour [rains] for all those living on mother Earth’

in this wonderful land of ‘Maha Bharat’ – even at times where politicians and their relatives plunder, loot , hoard and amass wealth through ill-gotten means – still go scot-free only to dwarf the earlier deal with a bigger scam, there are some noble persons who do everything for the Society, though they do not possess any riches for themselves.  India should be proud of such men and feel happy that such men still exist in our midst.  Here is the story of an Orange seller and his noble deed of running a school for poor children as reported in Indian Express of date [8th Oct 2012].   He still lives in a small house, the walls of which are not plastered. And he has no place at home even to display the awards he has received for his extraordinary task. Click here to read the original news item in Indian Express : the orange seller who runs school

an illustrative photo of a fruit seller on road - not that of the hero - Harekal Hajjab
Orange seller runs school for poor children. By Express News Service – BANGALORE 

When the government is planning to shut Kannada medium schools across the state citing low enrolment of students, here is a person from Dakshina Kannada district who runs a school for poor children.

He started the school with the proceeds from selling oranges. Harekal Hajjab faced humiliation for being illiterate. Instead of getting dejected, he made a resolve to help poor children. He purchased a 1.5-acre site at his village Harekala Nupaddupu near Konaje on the Mangalore-Kerala NH 66 for ` 55,000 in 1999 and set up the Harekala Primary & High School with 28 students. He borrowed money to set-up the school, and some NGOs later cleared his debt. Later, the gram panchayat also extended some financial help. Now, there are 280 students and 12 teachers in the school, which has classes from I to X.

The school seems to have overcome the initial difficulties as the government granted `18  lakh under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan for it. Several organisations also pitched in with financial aid amounting to ` 5 lakh.

In recognition of Hajjab’s commitment to Kannada, Akhila Karnataka Mohammadiyara Kannada Vedike honoured him with the Ramjan Sab Award, carrying a purse of `10,000 and a citation, at a function held here on Sunday.

Presenting the award, Kannada litterateur Dr Bargur Ramachandrappa said, “Hajjab is a simple man and not after publicity. Whatever money he gets from the sale of fruits is spent on the school. But our leaders are using all issues for publicity and personal gains.” Hajjab had brought with him a basketful of oranges, which was readily purchased for `500 a piece by the audience as a token of help.

To achieve his goal, Hajjab has sacrificed several comforts. He does not even own a mobile phone and all his communication is in the traditional — by sending posts and direct contacts.

He still lives in a small house, the walls of which are not plastered. And he has no place at home even to display the awards he has received for his extraordinary task.

Citrus Sinensis is the common Orange,  the most commonly grown tree fruit in the world. Orange trees are widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates for the sweet fruit, which is peeled or cut (to avoid the bitter rind) and eaten whole, or processed to extract orange juice, and for the fragrant peel.

with regards – S. Sampathkumar


  1. people like him should multiply in many folds to balance the burglar politicians and they should be ashamed of their deeds

  2. May he sell more oranges - may his tribe increase - in a land of Vaderas and sonias, he is the final salvation - Maino

  3. Sir, a nice rich photo of fruit seller - which market is this - looks pretty affluent - Rose