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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beni Prasad's defence [gaffe !!] for Salman Khurshid

Even in the days of Kings, it was the wisemen -  the Ministers,  who took important decisions,  advised the Royal on matters of importance and ensured that the bridge between the rulers and ruled was proper…………  If you cannot educate the subjects, perhaps to bring in equality, the rulers must also unlearn …. – often we come across unintelligible theories from Ministers occupying important post.  Not so long ago he uttered those comments ‘Inflation is bad for the economy’ – we have a Professor of Economics at the helm as PM, and Harvard educated Finance Minister, but the  Minister with unlimited gaffe went on record stating  ‘Govt is happy about high inflation as it helps farmers’ !  - golden words of Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma – who is quoted as saying “We are happy with the inflation, it will help farmers… Dal, grain and vegetables are more expensive. The rising prices is a benefit. We are happy”. He said the media was making a hue and cry of increasing prices. “Media kehti hai ki khane ki thali mehngi ho gayi hai…Isse fayada kisano ka hai, aur sarkar kisano ke fayda ki pachdhar hai” (Media says that cost of food plate has increased but it is benefiting farmers…and the government is in favour of farmers profit),” he said.

Now the Law Minister who has been floored by the social activist Arvind Kejriwal must be wondering what sort of support is coming from his Ministerial colleague.  The man from Uttar Pradesh Beni Prasad Verma supported Khurshid stating Rs 71 lakh too small a scam for Salman Khurshid. What on earth was he trying to convey?

The common meaning of the fabulous statement would be  ‘Salman Khurshid is so big that he could not be expected to be involved in minor scams involving Rs 71 lakh; Rs 71 crore would be more appropriate for someone of his stature’

It is either ‘no care’ attitude for the Public  or their lack of knowledge and manners that result in statements like these – those occupying Public offices are expected to act with lot of care and concern – but in front of cameras, they forget everything, search for words and when words flow, the utterances are terrible, totally out of sync with the situation and exposing their (no) knowledge of the real happening.  Sad, we have them as our leaders occupying important positions. 

Even the well educated persons like Shashi Tharoor exhibited their indifference calling passengers travelling economy class in flights the ‘cattle class’.  With such systematic regularity, our our politicians still get into the foot-in-the-mouth exercise.  Salman Khurshid has enough mud to clear on his own and the least he wanted is the support like these. 

There are very few of them who possess all round knowledge of the affairs, still tend to shoot  immediate irrelevant answers ….. exhibiting their lack of understanding, lack of care and more.  The next thing they do is to accuse the person  who tries to expose them.  The champion of this art -  Digvijaya Singh today claimed that India Against Corruption (IAC) activist Arvind Kejriwal had approached him in the past to push his name for a position in the Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council (NAC).

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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