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Thursday, August 30, 2012

the Dutch plane incident at Schilpol was no hijack !

I had earlier posted of a Dutch plane possibly hijacked and the busy airport of Schiphol  becoming most searched place in the internet. The plane was immediately surrounded by security forces. Police suspect the aircraft, with 183 people onboard, was hijacked. According to Dutch media, the plane was flying into the Netherlands from Malaga, in Spain.  That post  was based on first reports that were available………

Later it was revealed that the entire episode was on a mistaken belief – simply a miscommunication !!!!  -  Two F-16 fighter jets were scrambled by the Dutch Defence Ministry to intercept the airbus, which was bound for Amsterdam's Schiphol airport from Malaga.  They went supersonic in their efforts to catch up - but when the plane landed, security forces discovered that there was no hijacking, and the confusion was down to miscommunication.  Police said the pilot had failed to make radio contact after entering Dutch airspace, arousing suspicion with air traffic control that the plane had been hijacked.

But more questions would remain on how a major airport used by 45 million people a year could have built over a live bomb.  Builders digging around Terminal C at Schiphol Amsterdam uncovered the device wedged deep underground.   The  authorities evacuated parts of the airport after workers found the unexploded bomb, forcing airlines to delay and cancel some flights.  The German bomb was discovered buried underground near the transport hub's busy Terminal C, which handles flights to most major European destinations, the Dutch Defence Ministry said in a statement.  The bomb is thought to have been dropped by the RAF or American Airforce during raids between 1940 and 1944, when Schiphol was used by the German Luftwaffe.  There were regular day and night raids on the then military airbase, especially because the Nazi airforce could use it to launch raids on nearby countries including Britain.  Allied bombs weighing 550lb were regularly dropped, all containing complicated chemical fuses which could trigger at any time.  The RAF and USAAF dropped huge payloads of bombs on Nazi positions all over the Netherlands, as part of the 2.8million tons used to flatten vast areas of German-occupied Europe.

Even though the war ended 67 years ago, ordnance is still found all over Holland, just as it is in neighbouring countries such as France, and Germany itself.  It is  highly unusual to find a bomb in a heavily populated area like one of the world’s biggest airports.  It is being explored whether the  unexploded bomb found at Schiphol Airport be detonated in a controlled explosion like a similar-sized device was yesterday in Munich, Germany?

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
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