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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SYMA Educational Aid Function at NKT Girls High School

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The ‘Right to Education’ enactment is of recent origin.  At SYMA for decades, we have been placing enormous importance on educating children.  Only education will uplift them to higher echelons.  In the metropolis of Chennai too, still there are many children who could ill-afford to have proper uniforms.  We strongly believe that we can make some difference to the way these unfortunate children attend their school.  For over two decades now, we have been providing new uniforms to poor students. Last year around 1200 students benefitted from our scheme. 

On Saturday 28th July 12,  We conducted our ‘Educational Aid Programme’ in a grand manner.  Padma Vibushan awardee Mrs Sarojini Varadappan in her 90s was the Chief Guest.  Dr N Ravichandran, CEO, Lucas TVS and Mr B Srinivasan, Councillor 116th Ward also graced the occasion. 

We had met and invited our Hon’ble Mayor of Chennai  Mr Saidai Sa Duraisamy and he had consented to be in our midst.  A day before, he reportedly had to leave to attend a mourning and hence there was information that Mr P Benjamin, Dy Mayor would be attending the function.  Unfortunately he did not turn up too. The function started a few minutes late, but ended in time.
This year, We are distributing more than 1000 sets of uniforms for which applicants had been issued and the simplified process ensured that the recipients did not have to undergo any hassle.  They came up with a copy of ration card to check the economic criteria and once this was checked, cards were issued on the spot, upon which they become entitled to a set of uniform.  Few numbers were distributed at the venue, some sent direct to schools and rest distributed at our Office on Sunday.
There are many schools in Triplicane, many of them catering to poor students.  Those who perform in such schools often do not any recognition and SYMA, in our own way have been honouring them with medal, certificate and cash award besides making them appear on stage and get the recognition from great persons. On Saturday [28/7/21] SYMA honoured school toppers of various schools in Chennai, and it was also the stage for honouring those who performed well in our tuition centre ‘SYMA Growth’.  We also distributed financial aid to college students.  Dr Seetharaman who has been doing yeoman service in the field of medicine, was conferred ‘SYMA Sewa Award – 2012’. 

SYMA thanks all of you who have contributed in various manner, ensuring the success of this function and of all our other social service activities. Without you we will never be, what we are.   SYMA looks forward to your continued patronage

Here are some photos taken during the function held at NKT National Girls Higher Secondary School, Triplicane, Chennai 600005

With regarads – S. Sampathkumar [Secretary]
Posted on – 29th July 2012.

A section of the crowd

Dr N Seetharaman being conferred ‘SYMA Sewa Award’

Select students with myself,  Dr Sarojini Varadappan, Dr N Ravichandran (CEO Lucas TVS) , Mr B Srinivasan (Councillor) and SYMA President

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