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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mary Kom wins Bronze for India; Nicola Adams has a shy at Gold

The dream had to end and alas it was not in favour of the diminutive Mary Kom.  She lost to Nicola Adams of Great Britain, a few seconds ago – confirming a Bronze medal.  She will not have to fight again, as in this format, both the losing Semi-finalists get Bronze.  Nicola cheered by Cameroon himself, now stands a throw away from the Gold. 

It was to be a high-voltage contest but the five-time world champion Mary  Kom could not get her feet moving as she is wont to. 

Women's boxing has been introduced for the first time in the Olympics and Mary Kom, who has always taken part in the 48 kg category where she has excelled, had to increase her body weight to be eligible to take part in the 51 kg category in the Olympic Games.  That way it was an incredible performance from the mother of two. 

Today, round 1 was not so good as Nicola led 3-1; after the Second it was 5-2 as lead kept increasing steadily.  After 3 – it was 8-4 and in the last Mary Kom could not make it ending down 11-6 defeat.  It was somewhat easy for Nicola in the end.  She was more accurate and Mary never really managed to get going. The Indian threw a lot of punches but very few of them hit.
Mary Kom in REd; Adams in Blue

The whole Nation appreciates and applauds the boxer for her fine performance – Hail Mary Kom, you have done us proud

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
08th Aug 12 @ 0630pm.

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  1. Yes the Nation should be proud of Mary Kom - Rani