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Monday, August 6, 2012

Cinema Actor causes car accident... grievously injures people

If Bollywood does something, can Kolliwood be far behind ?

In the wee hours of Jan 10, 1999 at Lodhi Colony, a BMW  vehicle  driven by powerful Nanda mowed down six persons to death including 3 policemen – the driver reported was in an inebriated condition.   Recently, the Supreme Court sentenced him two years of community service and asked him to pay a fine of Rs 50 lakh, not to be jailed any longer. 

You may not remember the actor, but perhaps recall the film – Mani Ratnam’s comedy thriller ‘Thiruda Thiruda’ – Anand.  In 2000, the actor was involved in drunk driving hit and run case, where he hit a police officer who had tried to stop him. The police officer, Ramachandran, subsequently succumbed to his injuries and the actor faced a murder charge. The actor settled the family with damages, and was reported by the media during the period to be in depression.

Only last month [i.e., July 12] a luxury sedan mowed down a 70 year old woman – the vehicle was reportedly driven by Salman Khan’s family driver and the car was owned by  Salman’s brother, actor and producer Arbaaz Khan.  A death in road accident and law of the land ‘Motor Vehicles Act’ prescribes compensation.   Salman Khan is quoted as saying   "The accident happened by mistake. I spoke to my driver and he said when he was driving, he saw something like a black polythene bag on the road, but it was the lady who was completely in black. I would request everyone not to sleep on the roas’.  The Khan family would pay any compensation as according to them, the lady had been disowned by her family.   Under Which section of the Law, nobody seems to be asking. 

When you deal with similar circumstances, you become a Master in understanding Law and Salman Khan knows it better as in 2002 he ran his Land Cruiser over some pavement dwellers in Bandra, Mumbai – people sleeping on road platform, cannot but be killed by such fancy vehicles and arrogant drivers….The deceased and the injured were employees of A1 Bakery and were sleeping outside American Express Bakery.

Theni is a district of Tamilnadu which has hilly areas of Periyakulam, Uthamapalayam and Andipati and Cumbum valley.  Theni District was formed by the bifurcation from erstwhile Madurai District in July 1996.  Many cinema personalities including the great Maestro Illayaraja, director Bharathiraja and others hail from this place.  It is a location haunted by cine directors and it is fashionable to have stories occurring in  Madurai, Theni, Tirunelveli and the like.  One recent cinema is ‘Theni mavattam’

Yesterday, an actor by name Sri Ranjan @ Suresh, lead actor in the film ‘Theni mavattam’ lost control of his car,  hit a motorcycle as inspector Anandan,50,of CIDs security branch,was  about to park the two-wheeler. The two people Anandan and Govardhan on the two wheeler were thrown from the motorbike – one of them suffered serious head injuries and  the other person was badly bruised. The car came to a halt only after impacting two autorickshaws, one of which was parking.  The drivers of the autorickshaws were injured in the accident.  

The actor reportedly was returning home after shooting for a documentary film through the night and fell asleep at the wheel. Anna Square traffic investigation police arrested the actor and registered a case against him under IPC Sections 279 (rash driving),337 (endangering life),338 (causing grievous hurt by endangering life or personal safety of others). Reportedly, the actor was drowsy due to sleeplessness  and lost control of the vehicle.  Whether he was inebriated was being investigated upon.

Accidents are bad and the victims suffer – some times, some who cause such grievous accidents appear to  have immunity and or  above law

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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