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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pizza market hotting up - for employment also !

Who provides more employment opportunity – the Manufacturing Sector Vs Services Sector – the argument continues !!!

Many a times, technology and employment do not go together.  In the early days of Industrialisation, employment opportunities boomed as lot of man power was required for manufacturing machines – but once the machines so manufactured hit the market, they reduced the requirement of man power in a big way – in some ways leading to large scale unemployment.  When it mechanization, you no longer need the same amount of human resources that was used to make similar products…….

In most cases, wherever, any factory is opened or land procured for some manufacturing activity as also for boasting the administrative reforms of the Government – the opportunity for employment for more people is cited. 

India is moving away from agriculture and no longer dependent on -  ploughing, tilling of the land, sowing, harvesting of land – more people are moving towards cities in search of small jobs at least and it is becoming tougher finding people for farm labour.  There are even reports that some activity like growing vegetables etc., suffer as labour costs have gone up substantially. 

In city, cooking is no longer done with passion – as more people rush to employment as there are more incidences of both of the family employed and being a nuclear family, none to care at home, people tend to dine outside. There are so many hotels, eateries and restaurants springing up.

Once it was thought it is prestigious to work in a big Manufacturing industry – slowly shops and Establishments and Service utilities mushroomed, providing employment opportunities to many – but what I read this morning surprised me  !!

Sydney Morning Herald reports that ‘technology is making it easier for people to order more pizzas than ever before’   The reports stated that it is  not only the mining boom that's creating jobs - there's also plenty of work to be had in the pizza sector.  The newspaper reports quotes Australia's biggest pizza company, Domino's Pizza Enterprises as stating that  it had more than 1000 new jobs to fill nationwide, so it could satisfy a recent technology-led surge in demand for pizza. According to the report, Domino's needs extra pizza makers, delivery drivers and part-time managers at its 482 Australian stores.

It is not only the attitude  but the technological advance such as applications on mobile phones or tablets – people are ordering more pizzas than ever before. – and the Stores are desperately in need of additional staff to fulfil orders and deliveries.  Domino's says 350 jobs are available in Queensland, 300 in NSW, 150 in Victoria, 100 in Western Australia, 50 in South Australia, 21 in the ACT, 20 in Tasmania and 10 in the Northern Territory.  In February, Domino's reported a 22.96 per cent lift in first-half net profit to $12.6 million. Another pizza maker, Pizza Capers, said it was experiencing greater demand for its gourmet and fat-free offerings. Pizza Capers, which has more than 100 stores in Australia, said it had decided recently to expand into the Sydney market.

The nos. quoted are so low, that they would not make any impact in Indian conditions though !!

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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