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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How do you react to Indian win at Mirpur ?

Perhaps the simplest of the tests – do you rejoice or are you a cynic ?

India won their first match at Asia Cup beating Sri Lanka comfortably.  On hearing the news, what was your reaction ?

“Mirpur is not Perth or Lords ! – Lanka is no opposition – Asian grounds ball does not bounce much – Sachin got out another time and may never make that 100th ton – I do not follow such games” – any of these or ‘we take them match by match’ – India bowled well – Gambhir and Kohli made centuries – India made their 68th score of 300+

Sri Lanka boasts of a line-up which bats till no. 9 and only recently they had performed so sell in the CB Series taking the finals to 3 match affairs and making Australia struggle for a win.  Under the present rules, the batting powerplay is mandatory before 40th over.  Lankans were well placed by 35 overs requiring 7.2 runs with 7 wickets in hand – but lost their way in the batting power play.   Downunder India struggled for 100 + stands, today it was 200+ with Gambhir and Kohli making centuries which gave them the control. Though there was a double strike in 43rd over, Raina and Dhoni plundered to lift the score to 300+

This was Kohli’s 10th ODI century in 83 matches; also the 10th for Gambhir and it was their 3rd double century partnership in ODIs.  Mirpur is running with a record having hosted 31 One dayers since 2010. 

Curiously more is being made against Tendulya that he is failing to reach his 100th ton.  Again that is not a landmark by any yardstick – you don’t combine two different forms of cricket to make a record !  He has been there right at the top for over 23 years now bringing charm and happiness to millions of Indian fans.  No point counting days, matches and telling that is so long since he made his last international century.  Whether he is scoring or not should be a yardstick and if he fails, and fails continuously, like all other ordinary mortals, the greatest of the batting icon also would have his final day – but till then he should be allowed to play freely and sure he would sign off on top than make others ask ‘why not’.  People say the 100th hundred is playing on Tendulkar's mind.  Could be a fact but more factual is that people are hounding him with that statistics.  He had brought happiness to all cricket fans and the fans need to repay him with peace of mind.

He has displayed passion and insatiable appetite and has lived for the game.  Whether it is 99 or he closes at much higher figure does not matter. Watch him for his class and game not for wrong reasons !!!

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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