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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Police crackdown on Motorists on mobile - it is not happening here !!

Lot has been written on this continuing menace.  When at wheels, it is a split second away from an accident or a disaster.  And drivers using a mobile to talk or text could easily get diverted leading to a nasty accident causing grievous or fatal injury to the other road user.

Added is the negligent road user – the jay walker, who happily walks on the road, talking on the cell, not caring to see around even when crossing the road.  The callousness is well understood when you streams of people crossing level-crossing, with train a stone’s throw away, still not prepared to lift their head off the mobile.  Irritating is the sight of somebody driving a two wheeler or car with mobile held awkwardly between the head and ear, showing a strange pose and not in control of mobile, the call, or the vehicle that is being driven.

In that context, it was very refreshing to read of Police cracking down on the offenders and fining them close to Rs.19000/- !! Would not such fines bring a semblance of order in the road users ?

Good.  Not a dream also.. only that it did not happen in India but downunder at New South Wales.  There are reports of more than 800 motorists landing with  fines of up to $350 each after being caught using their mobile phones while driving in a 24 hour police crackdown. Police says that they busted 796 for drivers talking or texting on their phones during Operation Compliance on 8th Feb 2012.  They are also reported to have  issued 350 infringement notices for offences relating to school speed zones and children's crossings.

The Police authorities were quoted as stating that they  will continue to target motorists using their mobile phones because, clearly, by not concentrating solely on driving their vehicle and their surroundings, they are putting other road users at risk.  Motorists in the Sydney suburbs of Rose Bay and Surry Hills were the worst offenders, with 115 and 113 caught using their phones in those areas respectively. The penalty for using a mobile phone while driving is a $265 fine and three demerit points, and a $353 fine and four demerit points in a school zone.

Will Indian Police pick up a clue and will offenders be punished mercilessly.  When caught, people try to get away by bribing or by showing off their acquaintance with politicians, police officials or by stating that they work for Press etc.,   Should there be any such escape from the hands of Law and should not all offenders be treated equally according to the offence committed

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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