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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Imran's deliveries were feared more than his oration

This Pathan, was certainly a great cricketer, – I remember seeing his beautiful run-up and bowing in full flow taking 5 wickets at Chapauk in Jan 1980 – a match when Sandip Patil debuted and Kapil Dev was the Man of the Match.  He was at his fiery best when India toured Pakistan in 1982-83.  At Karachi he accounted for 8 wickets which included Gavaskar, Vengsarkar, Vishwanath, Mohinder, Patil & Kapil.  At Faislabad in Jan 83, he took 6 & 5; at Hyderabad he took another 6 - a series when Indians were mesmerized by his big banana inswingers – though it was under some cloud !   In 1982 – in 9 Tests – he took 62 wickets at 13.29 apiece !!   His Career extended from 1971 to 1992 – after the winning the WC in Australia. He scored 3807 runs and took  362 wickets in Tests

Imran Khan Niazi after timing his retirement to perfection, turned a politician.  He is also the  Chairman Board of Governors of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre.  He is in India – at Kolkatta Book Fair and batted more as a politician rather than an Ex-cricketer. 

There would always be Forums and platforms which provide anti-India tirade and this politician wasted no time in delivering his hollow opinion that  the present leadership of both India and Pakistan responsible for not being able to resolve the Kashmir issue.   The founder President of Tehreek-e-Insaf suggested that leaders of both India and Pakistan to sit across the negotiation table to resolve the Kashmir issue.  However on the query as to  what his party would like to do on improving the Indo-Pak relationship, he ducked  and  said that people of both countries should understand that friendship would benefit both of them.

Imran perhaps still has not learnt that it no cricket pitch – the ground at Pakistan is much more slippery and first Pak need to set its house in order and stop fanning cross border terrorism before trying to suggest ways to the biggest democracy which is always at peace even with troublesome neighbours.    Though he sought to showcase his vision, he offered no clues of he would manage as a strong leader.  In Leadership and in Politics too, it is more methodical than any miracle.

On the oft repeated Q on cross border terrorism, he quipped the rhetoric that it is their responsibility that nothing originates from Pak soil.  He wants  an “Islamic state” as Iqbal had envisaged it but not a theocracy – a state which is humane, a welfare state where “religion was the alternate to materialism.”  He is only hopeful that democracy would thrive keeping the military away.  He is attacking the present leadership stating it to be most corrupt Govt ever.   He quipped that the Third World continues to be Third World due to corruption of ruling elite but offered no hint on how his party would render it free of the evil.  In a rhetoric keeping with many regional parties here, he thundered, the only  thing that can stop Tehreek-e-Insaaf, is Tehreek-e-Insaaf  !!

He is good looking but time will soon tell him on how much charisma would translate into support of masses. He once said he looks to future and forgets past and would not even like to see his old albums remembering old thoughts. It is reported that an elderly Bengali asked him about the delivery with which he had Gavaskar at Eden Gardens – he said – did not remember. –whether a conscious projection as a politician – one would never know.

For the power greedy – there was a different shock as power went off and the auditorium plunged into darkness.  The conversation about change in power in Pakistan ended rather ominously with a power cut.  The Pathan hopes that one day, he would lead the troubled Nation.  To us the one thing that integrates Pak is anti-India tirade even when the economic condition is bursting.  Many there feel now that there is loss of honour in fighting America’s war and decades of military rule, rise of jihadism, nepotism, corruption have all ruined the basic administrative structure.  Comparatively the framework of India, its constitution, its judiciary – all stand on a well made structure.  At present, Imran does not look like a leader of stature but can be likened to someone trying to tilt the windmill of corruption trying to be a messaiah.

Some reports state that the Kolkata Book Fair authorities themselves resorted to the bizarre switching off of power as the meet which was to be for 5 minutes stretched many times that limit.  A Top official was quoted as telling a news channel that they had to switch off power for the next programme could not be started and they were forced to do so.  The official was also quoted as stating that perhaps left Imran also much relieved saving him from the barrage of questions !!!!  There could have been utter chaos or security problem owing to the action of the Book fair authorities.

Imran on field was much feared than off it.. !!

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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