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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Will Winter Session generate any heat - another day of adjournment

Sure you have heard of the latin phrase ‘sine die’ !

At Wankhede, the visiting West Indians made merry scoring 10 short of 600 and putting India in a tighter position in a placid pitch – we did hear Sanjay Manjrekar speaking of the pitch having juice for the pacers in the early morning and turn for spinners as it progresses !    Ashwin ended up with another 5 wicket haul, though a costly one this time.   The debutant speedster Varun Aaron ended with 3.  India has lost Sehwag and Gambhir and a perfect setting for Sachin for the hyped 100th ton.. to me again, this figure has no relevance – he has made runs and tons and adding two different forms and calling it a feat has not much of meaning ! – still from the lukewarm attendance on the first two days, the spectators reportedly are queuing outside the Wankhede buying tickets, expecting with great force of it happening at their own place !

We as a Nation are given to talking – the tendency is to take the issues to larger circles rather than confining them to a small group – We expect people to discuss, debate the merits and agree [the majority view] on the solutions.  Now the Winter Session of Parliament has just began – the first two days saw nothing in action as yesterday again both  houses were adjourned till the next day following a ruckus in Lok Sabha by the Opposition.  In Lok Sabha, the Left Front wanted an adjournment motion over the issue of price rise, which was rejected by the Speaker, who started the Question Hour. As announced earlier, the BJP-led NDA began protesting when Chidambaram started answering some questions.  The Samajwadi Party MPs too wanted a discussion on UP CM Mayawati's move to divide Uttar Pradesh into four states. Initially, the House was adjourned till 12 PM and later for the entire day.  The Winter Session of the Parliament is very crucial for the survival of the UPA-II government, as it is planning to pass several key bills, including the Lokpal Bill, Judicial Accountability Bill, Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition Bill and Education Bill.

As one would know in a year 3 sessions of Lok Sabha take place – they are : the Budget Session, Monsoon Session and Winter session [Feb-May; July-Sept ; Nov-Dec respectively]

So today, 24th Nov 11 much was expected to happen [for some it was also the day when there could be a decision on the bail plea of Kanimozhi!] – if some entertained hopes of normal functioning, hopes were dashed again as the house had to adjourned again after repeat of unruly scenes and was to be reconvened at 2 pm.   The issues of price rise and Telangana created turmoil in Parliament for the third day today as agitated Opposition members raised slogans, staged a sit-in in the Well and walked out, leading to two adjournments of both Houses.   The houses reassembled and were forced for the second adjournment till 2 PM.  It was reported that  Speaker Meira Kumar announced that as per the rules, the adjournment motions on "unprecedented rise in prices of essential commodities" moved by SP and other parties could not be accepted.  However, a special discussion on the same issue under Rule 193, which does not entail voting, would be taken up at 2 PM, she said.  

And both houses have been adjourned for the next day to Friday !

Discussion under Rule 193 does not involve a formal motion before the House. Hence no voting can take place after discussion on matters under this rule. The member who gives notice may make a short statement and such of the members as have previously intimated to the Speaker, may be permitted to take part in the discussion. The member who raises the discussion has no right of reply. At the end of the discussion, the Minister concerned gives a brief reply.

Lok Sabha is the place for elected representatives – there are times when they do not attend ; there are times when they are not actively involved even when present ; there are MPs who do not open their mouth even once during the entire session – but many times there are high decibels forcing adjournment after another.    Apart from the black money and price rise, there are other prominent regional issues such as Telengana, UP division and more.   There is the treasury bench and  - the Principal opposition party and other Regional parties – when will things be debated, deliberated and agreed upon and when will such decisions materialise into action is the moot Q worrying common man. 

The other news is that the Delhi High Court today agreed to hear DMK MP and 2G scam accused Kanimozhi‘s bail plea on Friday.    Sind die from Latin means ‘without day’ – it is the adjournment when sessions are adjourned without a fixed date i.e., for an indefinite period – there have been occasions when the regular happening of the Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha is continuously hindered and the houses are adjourned ‘sine die’

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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