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Thursday, November 24, 2011

PWD acts on Tipplers’ bridge off Cuddalore.

Two days earlier, I had posted on the wooden bridge constructed at ‘aaraichikuppam’ off Cuddalore.  Much water has flown under the bridge since !

Recalling, it was a bridge across the Pennaiyar helping people (tipplers to be precise) to cross over from the villages of Cuddalore to Pondicherry for consumption of arrack.  Pondy being a UT known for its lesser rates known as ‘drinkers’ paradise’ – their business was falling as tipplers of Vellichimandalam and Chavady could not cross the river in spates and hence the action on their part to construct a make-shift wooden bridge.  With their efforts, one km long bridge made up of poles and wooden planks had been erected.  

Following reports in Dinamalar and some other papers on the hazards it posed, PWD reportedly issued a notice directing its dismantling within two days.  Mind you, it is a make-shift arrangement on a river in spates following heavy rains in these areas, does not have any official sanction and those venturing on the bridge are exposed to a great risk including being washed away or getting drowned as they try to cross the river in search of alcohol.
There are reports in today’s papers (The New Indpress, Chennai) that the authorities have blocked one end of the bridge making it non-usable and had ordered immediate demolition.  There also reports that those who had been using the bridge angrily gave vent to their emotions against the Dinamalar and the Authorities.

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