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Friday, May 26, 2023

Best wishes to Bobby S Giridharan on his birthday

Today, May 26 – he turns 67 – a man of wisdom beyond age. One day, he threw a challenge to friends – ‘ask me anything about any actor / actresses including the name(s) of their dogs’ – I can answer.  Such is his power of remembering even trivial things.  He is  fondly called Bobby (after Bobby Simpson revealing his one sided support for Australian Cricket team) 

It is his  humane approach more than his knowledge that makes him stand apart.  Fortunate to know him since 1985, first saw him at a Cricket ground in Oriental inter-office tournament which turned fiery ! 

In 1989, following amended Motor Vehicles Act 1988 – Motor Tariff underwent a sea change – from NCB – Malus too was introduced.  Oriental Insurance conducted a seminar for its officers and Underwriters at Hotel Pandiyan, handled entirely by the genius who lucidly explained all the concepts, took the Qs and ensured that everyone were able to understand the changes in Tariff clear. 

His vocabulary and command over English language is commendable. His knowledge in insurance is exceptional; his teaching skills exemplary as would be vouched by 100s of +2 Insurance students who benefitted.  In Office, he shone in Motor and TP claims where he took settlements to a newer level with humanity writ large in compensations.  He was equally well versed in Property insurances as well. 

He should have reached much higher posts - Sad that his career had some difficult torrid times brought about by some vested interests – today he lives in His Empire, loved and respected by thousands in Insurance field.  He has helped many people reaching out to people requiring any support. 

He was so much for Sports that during his tenure Oriental Madras RO  had some good Sports recruits in Cricket and became a power in PSU Cricket.  In 1999 OIC conducted National Athletics Meet in Chennai and his planning was immaculate.  The games were conducted at Nehru stadium with International Ms Shiny Wilson inaugurating, overseen by International referees.  Every aspect of the meet including stay of the participants in a Star hotel was meticulously arranged and conducted by a small team handpicked by him (yours truly was his spokesperson !!) 

For sure, there is much more to say !  -  fortunate to have been associated with him for a brief tenure at OIC – long live Sri Srinivasan Giridharan Sir !  He showed that knowledge is not to be feared but to the spread to everyone in the manner that they can understand !! 

May our Emperuman bless you with a long healthy life, bereft of any problem to ensure that you live happily with your family.


A picture of him speaking on a podium would have been apt – yet these two taken during the Athletic meet are posted here.  May 26th is Giri’s birthday.

One of your many fans – S. Sampathkumar

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