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Sunday, April 26, 2015

up above the electric line ~a motor-bile on the wire !!

Pylon is the Greek term  for a monumental gateway of an Egyptian temple. It consists of two tapering towers, each surmounted by a cornice, joined by a less elevated section which enclosed the entrance between them.  The entrance was generally about half the height of the towers.  Can you imagine a bike on top of a pylon 20 feet up ? ~and it was no stunt show !!

As you pass rural areas,  the somewhat lonely pylons stand – carrying electrical lines – anything new attract people and stories about them would galore – these pylons are transmission towers,  a tall structure, usually a steel lattice tower, used to support an overhead power line. They are used in high-voltage AC and DC systems, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  When the electric lines were laid first, innocent villagers thought that it carried ‘man ennai [kerosene]’and in one film – comedian Senthil would climb the tower to illegally tap the oil, and would get electrocuted !

A few decades ago, one of my relatives was returning from her school – there was a railway line and it was usual for people to go under and sometimes jump over the barricade and cross the railway track without waiting for the train to pass-by.  On that day, even as she was attempting to jump-over, the barricade was lifted hydraulically and alongwith it went up the little girl, screaming – rescued immediately by those nearby and hence became a scene of comedy !

~here is something similarly different .... as read in MailOnline - Onlookers were left aghast after a motorbike got entangled in a power transmission high-tension cable at a height of 80 feet.  The incident happened at Batuali in Ambikapur district, north Chhattisgarh, 320km from Raipur.

However, the reality was that it was no stunt act. Bewildered passersby just couldn’t stop asking: How that happened? Airlifting of high-tension cable wire for a power transmission tower was being carried out near a bypass road. One end of the heavy wire was tied to a tractor at a distance of 600 metres. The cables are so heavy that a tractor uses force for lifting, hauling or towing to a considerable height over the ground on a power transmission tower.  Rajesh Toppo, 25, was driving by when the cable that was placed on the road came between the two wheels of his bike and both vehicle and rider were almost instantly thrust upward.

The shocked youth clung on to the bike. But, when labourers noticed him, they told him to jump despite he being at a height of 20 feet.  “I shouted at the workers to halt, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. I tightly held onto the bike and it was consistently going up. I got scared and jumped from a height of 20 feet,” said Toppo, who sustained minor injuries. The bike remained entwined with the wire and continued going up to over 80 feet.
News of the spectacular scene spread like wild fire. Villagers who rushed to the area to have a ‘dekkho’, however, complained that the work has been going on close to a bypass road but one will not find any warning or caution indicator displayed in the area.  “I was returning home and the moment my front wheel crossed, the cable lifted it. I was at a loss not knowing whom to call for rescue as the workers too found themselves helpless and kept shouting, asking me to jump,” Toppo, who had a miraculous escape, told reporters.

The  workers had reportedly asked Toppo to quickly cross, as the cable was to be lifted immediately but the biker could not ride to safety.  Finally, after seeing Toppo and his bike “accidentally anchored” on the rising electric cable, the supervisor and ground labourers yelled and called the driver of the tractor to stop. But, the tractor was 600-700 metres away and moreover, it was impossible for the driver to hear anything in the backdrop of the heavy engine noise from the running tractor.  “Despite waving their hands and signalling to apprise the tractor driver of an emergency, it did not work,” the supervisor, whose name couldn’t be confirmed, told the villagers at the site.

Soon, the supervisor and workers fled the spot. Toppo was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.  “It is the responsibility of the company’s staff and workers to ensure the safety and avert any possible danger to passersby,” said Maheshpur village sarpanch Pusao Ram.  Must have been pretty frightening for the person involved.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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