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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Something on the Second One dayer at Trinidad and Indian Volleyball League.

Can  you identify this logo !

In the Second Onedayer at Trinidad – West Indies were off to a good start with Lendl Simmons making a fluent 53 and Sarwan scratching around for 56 to end up with a not so fighting total of 240 – 9. 

Praveen disappointed and Munaf with his swaggering ways is behaving as though he is a Dennis Lillee or Richard Hadlee – he stares at the batsmen, lets out expletives at the keeper and fielders – with the kind of fielding he himself does and behaves as if a super bowler hurling around 160 kmph and batsmen unable to sort him.  Nothing of that sort he is – trundling at 130s – remember Sarwan hit for all fours in a over last time – bowling at a depleted side is no great performance and even here he is not the prime bowler.  Last match Amit Mishra bowled well but without luck – yesterday he displayed his wares with a good mixture though some runs were taken off him early.  WI were coasting at 192/3 at one stage but disappointed failing to read the googlies and big spinners of Mishra. Mishra returned a 4 wicket haul.

Parthiv Patel continued to disappoint behind the stumps – one ball that spun across and beating the batsman went between his legs to the boundary. The catch that he took of Kirk Edwards was good though.  Kieron Pollard went for a duck.     After Dhiwan’s parting, he applied himself for a polished innings.  Virat Kohli joined patel and had a century partnership to take India home.  After 22 overs there were rains and the target was revised down by D/L method.  After the rain India had to make 83 of 15 overs.  In the WI innings, there were 190 dot balls which speaks volume of their performance.

The logo is that of the new IVL – Indian Volleyball league – an attempt by the  Volleyball Federation of India to “promote and popularise the game in India”.    The logo has the abbreviation IVL and its expansion, Indian Volley League, enclosed in a circle, symbolising a volleyball.

The mascot is a baby elephant, using its forefeet to toss a ball, simulating the ‘dig,' the double-handed stroke to receive the sphere. Volleyball is an Olympic team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.  IVL is to be held from May 29 to June 25.

Six region-based franchises – Karnataka Bulls, Chennai Spikers, Hyderabad Chargers, Kerala Killers, Maratha Warriors, and Yanam Tigers –  have been  created, with a panel of selectors picking players of varying ages and abilities from across the country and distributing them among the teams. The tournament began with the Bangalore leg  and the Chennai leg recently concluded. 

Chennai Spikers emerged triumphant in the second leg of the Panimalar-SAIL-Indian Volley League.  That the outcome had to be decided by the point quotient system only underlined the closeness of the combat in a tournament in which Chennai Spikers lost the two opening games.  Chennai Spikers, Hyderabad Chargers and Karnataka Bulls all ended up with six points, each necessitating the point quotient system.

Regards – S. Sampathkumar

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