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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

India protests against Corruption and the scene near Gandhi statue, Chennai.

The protest of Ramdev was brutally cut short by the ruling party in Delhi.  Crooked businessmen and politicians are stealing billions of our public money and evading taxes by smuggling their black money into secret accounts overseas.  The magnitude would never be known with exactitude; seemingly  India has lost more money to Swiss banks than any other nation.   The Govt. continues to lose billions of revenue as this money is not taxed.  These huge sums, instead of making a few very rich, could be funneled into critical health, education and other programmes that could help lift millions out of abject poverty.

140 countries have ratified the UN Convention Against Corruption, but India is in the rogue group of eighteen -- which includes Myanmar, Sudan and Syria -- who’ve refused. Ratifying the anti-corruption Convention provides for asset recovery of illegal earnings under article 51 and legally obliges the government to put in place effective anti-corruption laws that would stop corrupt businessmen and politicians being able to stash cash overseas.  The Govt and the Finance Minister had committed to ratify the convention soon and take action against those who are involved.  But there would never be a firm deadline and the rulers would lack the will to do this unless pressurized to act.

For Lokpal, lakhs stood by the side of Anna Hazare and he today is on fast again in support of Baba Ramdev at Rajghat.  

Only growing public pressure can make the Govt. relent but the Govt and Police would handle people brutally, especially if the nos. are not large.  This morning a small group of elderly people tried organizing a peaceful protest by fasting infront of Gandhi statue on the Marina beach.  There were loads of policemen who arrested them without even allowing them to assemble.  Not sure, whether there were  more group joining and courting arrest.  Even peaceful protests are not allowed !!

Regards – S. Sampathkumar.

PS:    A democrary is a game of numbers and more the numbers, more the issue is likely to be heard !

One could see the thin trickle of people who protested against corruption.  Though no exact comparison, here is a dinamalar photo showing the crowds of cable TV operators who wanted it to be taken over by the Govt.

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