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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Appeal for contributions to Educational Aid Programme of SYMA

Dear (s)

Over the years, I have been circulating to you all,  some  activities of   Srinivas Youngmens Association  fondly  known as SYMA.   To  some  SYMA may not require any lengthy introduction,  for We, at SYMA remember the patronage that you made last year also towards Educational Aid.  To those of you new - established in 1977, SYMA  has been  carrying  out social welfare activities in a small but meaningful way over the past 3 decades.  We are fortunate enough to have dedicated volunteers and emphathetic patrons.  As you know, BLISS is the newsletter of SYMA and yours truly has been the editor ever since inception. 

From  a modest beginning to whatever we are today, we owe everything to the patrons  / philanthropists who have motivated, guided & helped us in rendering service. We are today here, only because of support and motivation of people, who have all helped and steered us towards this direction.   Being a responsible Social Service Organisation, we conduct health camps, Cleaning campaigns, Eye camps, Blood donation camps  throughout the year and address civic issues by taking them with appropriate Govt. Departments and coordinating the activities.  We successfully implemented the Rainwater harvesting and have been maintaining the temple tank of Sri Parthasarathi Swami Temple.  We are also maintaining a Public convenience near the temple tank.    This year our focus is on :

1)  Medical Centre and Laboratory run for the poor wherein free consultation and medicines are provided at a measly Rs.2/- per visit. 
2)  To provide quality education to those who could ill-afford, we launched our own Tuition centre  “SYMA Growth”  in 2008.
At SYMA Growth, we conduct daily classes for the 10th & +2 students i.e., those appearing for Public Examinations.  Education is imparted through qualified professional teachers and personal care is taken for each student.  It is totally free for the student, whilst we pay a nominal amount to the teachers and incur expenses for the infrastructure including current and maintenance.  We have a dedicated coordinator also.   Most of the students are from very poor strata – some parents are daily wage earners, who would never be able to access quality education due to the prohibitive costs. 

In the Academic Year Apr 2010 – Mar 2011 – we had a moderate success of 88% in  +2 (40 out of 45 passed)  Selvi Umayal stood first securing 1143 / 1200 and Rajeswaran  scored 1089/1200.  They like the many others hail from the poor echelons of the Society.  Rajeswaran’s father sells plasticware daily and earns around Rs.100 per day.  By the grace of God, SYMA has been able to bring a smile in their lips and have guided them to a brighter future.  Downtown magazine of “The Hindu” dt 15th May 2011  (areas : Alwarpet, RApuram, Luz, Santhome, royapettah, Teynampet, Mountroad, Triplicane, Mylapore) carried an article on SYMA Growth titled “Quality education for the poor”.  In the X  Standard Public Examination [State Board] , the results were very good.     Out of our 23 students, 22 have passed [96%].  14 amongst them have obtained more than 400 marks.  In fact 5 of them have got marks above 450.    We reward our students by providing high monetary incentive –  all the students of Growth who get more than 1000 and join professional course get Rs.10000/- and the 10th students of Growth who secure more than 400, are given Rs.2000/- each -  which act as a great incentive as also would help them pursue their career amibitions with ease. 

Every year, in June, we provide new uniforms to poor students.  Last year around 1200 students received uniforms from us.  In the Educational Aid Programme, we  besides uniform
-     distribute financial assistance to some students
-     honour the school toppers of all the schools in Triplicane.

Those who apply for uniforms is increasing year after year.   It   is  a hard truth that there are many school children  who manage with  just one set of uniform throughout the year, that too  hard to come by.  We strongly believe that we can make some difference to the way these unfortunate children attend their school.  This year we plan to provide Uniforms to 1200 students for which we have evolved systems to ensure that the benefits reach properly. 

For doing all these, We  are  constantly  on  the  look  out for sponsors.  We look forward to your participation in any measure.   We know well,  that  most of you are involved in  social work & have been making donations (many in a much larger scale).  Still we look forward to you for some little contribution that can really make a difference to the society at large. 

The Uniform distribution function is  tentatively fixed during  first week of July 2011.  Cheques can be drawn in the name of "SRINIVAS YOUNGMENS ASSOCIATION" payable at Chennai.  We will continue to strive for  thje betterment of Soceity.

With many Thanks

S.  Sampathkumar.
Secretary – SYMA; Editor – BLISS

For complete details of SYMA – please log on to :

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