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Monday, June 13, 2011

Achieving success and leaving on a high !!

Everybody wants to reach higher and achieve more in career and in life.  It could be an arduous path strewn with difficulties but that will not distract those who aim to achieve.  We see many top performers – they have reached their overcoming obstacles.

In general to taste success, one would require  :  talent, opportunity, support, patience and the will to succeed [not necessarily in the same order].  Success is more of teamwork if it can be channelized properly. When it comes to reaching the pinnacle of success,  there would be advice overflow – which one to hear and which one to follow is always difficult – for every individual the formula need not have been the same to be there in the top bracket.   What works for one person may not necessarily be right for the other.

It is  important, to evaluate your own individual goals and before that to question yourself as to whether you really want to be there ?

Success most often requires the ability to adapt – it may not come to you in your comfort zone though your arena of wisdom is where you are most likely to succeed.   Again, career ladder is not necessarily the only thing – to some inner peace and caring for the society could be the ambition.  You chose your ambition and fuel your energy towards accomplishing the chosen goal.   Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent. You need to focus on what you feel is important to you. Love what you do and do what you love.  The true passion for the objective is most likely to steer you towards the objective through stumbling obstacles.  

It is not skill alone that has placed people on high but without skill you cannot be there for a long time.  So one needs to acquire, hone and keep practicing the skill sets.  Don’t try for too many things.

Whether in  business or in life, if you find yourself doing well, don’t ever think that things are perfect; in the changing World there always exists possibilities for improvement and success is always a relative term.  Always strategise whether the going is smooth and less of stress and strain – for these could eat you and the short term success in the end could end up becoming a beastly burden.

In some ways it is easier to achieve but to sustain or to move to a higher echelon and the timing of them are the MOST DIFFICULT.  Here is a piece on a man who once was envied as Great possessing enormous talent, had the greatest of team and their unflinching support, the opponents trembled at the very thought of facing them – he was an young achiever – but his retirement was not as smooth as he would have loved to have …  he is a cricketer – do read on, even if you are not an avid cricket fan – for there could be some interesting message in that  :  On a high

Regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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