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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

the cool, cute customer for auto rickshaw !! - அழகிய பெண்களின் பழக்கம் உண்டோ ?

For those in sales, how do you select your customer ! – what will be your reaction when interacting with a beautiful person !  

In Baasha, Rajnikant plays Manickam, a pious auto rickshaw driver.  One day, Nagma walks towards the auto stand making every automan long for her to get into their vehicle.  While  Janakaraj imagines  her sitting in his auto, she would choose (who else) !!!  

Sivagami, a widow, brings up her only son Maran, in the worship of Karunagaran, as his father had died in tragic circumstances. She hides from him for a long time, the real version of the facts.   .. .. plot of “Deiva Thai (Divine Mother), released in  1964, produced and co-written by RM  Veerappan, directed by P. Madhavan  - starring MG  Ramachandran.   

In the film there was a song written by Vaali to the tune of Vishwanathan Ramamurthy – sung by P Susheela and TM Soundararajan  - where MGR asks this Q in the song !!  

இந்தப் புன்னகை என்ன விலை ??  என் இதயம் சொன்ன விலை  !!

அழகிய பெண்களின் பழக்கம் உண்டோ ? பாட்டுக்கள் பாடும் வழக்கம் உண்டோ ?? 

A trip to Chennai would never be complete without an encounter with them……… the ubiquitous three-wheelers painted yellow and called ‘auto-rickshaws’.  Chennai is well connected by road, rail, sea and air.  In the ever bustling metropolis, you have the State Transport Corporation buses, Metro rail, EMUs, MRTS, vans, call-taxies and more………. and then there is this ‘auto-rickshaw’  - a drive [the peculiar sitting posture of the driver, the cuts and turn-arounds of the vehicle – its capacity to turn at right angles and wade through milling crowds], the language of its drivers, the missing meters and the bargain – can all force mortal fear in you no ends.


This auto (though driver is not around) has found an interesting customer, a beautiful calf getting into it.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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