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Thursday, February 9, 2023

standing in Queue - Expression of self-discipline !!

 How disciplined you are ? how calm would you be in a crowd !! – will you try to take some undue advantage, especially when others are disciplined ??  Self-discipline is one of the biggest virtues. 

As I was seeing the photo album of SYMA Childfest 2023, these 2 random photos attracted me !


On 4th & 5th Feb 2023, Srinivas YOungmen’s Association conducted Childfest – 6 competitions for school children.  Group singing; Art Work; Fancy Dress; Drawing; Quiz and Group dance.  

The Drawing competitions conducted in 5 categories attracted most entries more than 2300 from various schools.  

The kids (say Lkg, Ukg, 1st, 2nd, 3rd … .. ..) are brought to the venue by their parents – in general, parents display ‘helicopter parenting’ trying to monitor and direct their kids at every point – there are exceptions, of course!  

The purpose of competitions is to inculcate in children – fearlessness, spirit of competing and discipline.  SYMA’s thanks and gratitude to these parents seen here .. .. heartwarming to see them standing in winding queues without trying to cut the queue and push their children whilst others lay waiting.  

Obvious parents are the first teachers and children develop and learn a lot from our behaviour as also from words of advice.  

Thank you parents – your calm disposition and discipline helped us in conducting the competitions in grand and organized manner

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
Vice-President SYMA

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