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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Pedler on streets !!

What an array of goods !! – mesmerizing – if only we were a child, a couple of items would immensely please us and keep us happy !!.


In Commerce (or was it Economics) read about -  Hawkers and Pedlers.  Some definition read :  a  hawker moves about in residential localities. He carries his goods in a hand cart or bicycle !  (are they still in vogue). He deals in low-priced goods of daily use. For example combs toys soaps mirrors bangles vegetables fruits ice-cream etc. A peddler also moves from house to house and sells articles of daily use. But he carries his wares on his head – that way Pedler is poor cousin who carries the commodities as head load or hand load and makes a living by selling.  

Modern day children (mostly) would not understand that sellers like the one pictured spend hours in pain and difficulty to earn their daily bread – what is more not understood is the fact that in our childhood (say half a century or so ago !) – these things were luxuries for most of us.  

Interesting !  - life moves on !!  

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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