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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu is Miss Universe 2021

What connects Tamil movies – Arasatchi & Ratchagan !! – how would you rate the following Q & A !!!

Q :Many people think climate change is a hoax. What would you do to convince them otherwise?

Ans: Honestly, my heart breaks to see how nature is going through a lot of problems and to all irresponsible behavior. And I totally feel that this is the time to take action and talk less because each action could either kill or save nature. Preventing and protecting is better than repenting and repair and this is what I'm trying to convince you guys today.

Harnaaz Sandhu has taken the internet by storm  - India’s Harnaaz Sandhu is now the 70th Miss Universe. The 21-year-old won the title at the contest that was held in Israel on Sunday. Topping around 80 contestants from all over the world, Harnaaz brought the Miss Universe crown back to India 21 years after Lara Dutta won it. Apart from the regular beauty rounds, the competition this year touched upon politics and pandemic !The 21-year-old from Chandigarh won the international beauty pageant held in Eilat, Israel, edging out Paraguay's Nadia Ferreira and South Africa's LalelaMswane.

Miss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant that is run by the United States–based Miss Universe Organization. It is one of the most watched pageants in the world with an estimated audience of over 500 million viewers in over 190 territories.The  pageant's advocacy is "humanitarian issues and is a voice to affect positive change in the world." The title "Miss Universe" was first used by the International Pageant of Pulchritude in 1926. This contest was held annually until 1935, when the Great Depression and other events preceding World War II led to its demise. The current Miss Universe pageant was founded in 1952 by Pacific Knitting Mills, a California-based clothing company and manufacturer of Catalina Swimwear. The company was the sponsor of the Miss America pageant until 1951, when the winner, Yolande Betbeze, refused to pose for publicity pictures wearing one of their swimsuits.

Maristella Okpala, Miss Nigeria, was awarded the Best National Costume award at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant. Okpala strutted down the runway in a costume inspired by a “Mmanwa”, a traditional masquerade of the southeastern tribe of Nigeria. Mmanwa is a female masquerade costume designed for ceremonial and festive purposes to celebrate Nigeria’s rich Nigerian cultural heritage paying close attention to women’s strength. The 3ft tribal mask costume made by Filipino designer Kennedy Jhon Gasper using African beads, stone & craft features a colourful ancient back cape.

It is not mere beauty contest – brainy too !!  The Miss Universe question and answer round is one of the most anticipated segments of the beauty pageant !. In this round, the judges and the audience judge the delegates based on their quick and  intelligent thinking.

This year too, the pageant included traditional displays of national costumes, swimwear and a series of interview questions to test contestants’ public speaking skills. The top 10 showed off intricately bedazzled full-length gowns in either gold, silver or bronze. The Philippines’ Beatrice Luigi Gomez wore an asymmetrical cut dress with one sleeve, highlighting a new tattoo she said: “celebrates her womanhood.”

The young diva from India, who is an actor in India’s Punjabi film industry, was asked by a panel of judges: “What advice would you give to young women watching on how to deal with the pressures they face today?”

In her answer, Harnaaz asked the young women to not fear anyone and stop building the habit of comparing themselves with others. She said, “The biggest pressure the youth of today is facing, is to believe in themselves. To know that you are unique makes you beautiful. Stop comparing yourselves with others and let’s talk about more important things that are happening worldwide. Come out, speak for yourself, because you are the leader of your life. You are the voice of your own. I believed in myself and that is why I am standing here today (sic).” 

Harnaaz has received her education from Chandigarh. She attended Shivalik Public School and the Post Graduate Government College for Girls, both in Chandigarh.The newly crowned Miss Universe is very close to her family. As per her Miss Universe delegate profile, Harnaaz draws her inspiration from her mother Ruby Sandhu, who is a gynaecologist by profession.Further, her past time interests include "enjoying the company of friends, loves yoga, dancing, cooking, horse riding, and playing chess."

India had earlier won the coveted crown twice with Sushmita Sen bagging the title in 1994 and Lara Dutta in 2000. Harnaaz has now joined the league of these incredible women. This year, Miss India, Miss South Africa, and Miss Paraguay made it to the top three and were  askedthe same question by host Steve Harvey in the final round of Miss Universe 2021. Here’s what the question was and what the contestants answered.

Ques: What advice would you give young women who are watching on how to deal with the pressures they face today?

Miss South Africa Lalela Lali Mswane answered: To choose courage over comfort at every opportunity they get. I would like women to know that since the beginning of time, they've had anything--everything, rather--within them to achieve anything they've wanted. It is unfortunately the world that convinced them they do not.

Miss Paraguay Nadia Ferreira answered: I've been through so many situations in my life but I overcome them. So I want all women, all persons watching at this moment to join forces to do what you're meant to do because you can do it because no matter the situation, you can overcome it and you'll always be victorious.

Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu answered: I think the biggest pressure the youth today is facing is to believe in themselves. To know that you are unique and that what makes you beautiful, stop comparing yourselves with others and let's talk about more important things that are happening worldwide. I think this is what you need to understand. Come out and speak for yourself because you are the leader of your life, you are the voice of your own. I believed in myself, and that's why I'm standing here today.

Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu’s answer in the final round of Miss Universe 2021 helped her win the prestigious title. Miss Paraguay Nadia Ferreira was named the first runner-up while Miss South Africa Lalela Lali Mswane was the second runner-up.

Before concluding :Arasatchi released in2004 had Arjun and Miss Universe winner Lara Dutta in lead role.Ratchagan released in 1997 had Nagarjuna and Miss Universe winner Sushmita Sen on lead .. ..

With regards – S.Sampathkumar
14th Dec 2021. 

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