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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Traffic violation !!

What readily comes to your mind on seeing this happy couple, enjoying a ride  on a rural road !! 

The streets are packed with people, you see crowds everywhere in cine  theatres, malls, beach, roads, shops and .. .. there are restrictions in Temples, none elsewhere. 

According to John Hopkins University data, of 27,36,68,314 affected people globally, USA has 506,63,217; India has 347,26,049; followed by Brazil 222,04,941 and United Kingdom 111,90,354.  These are mere numbers and not analysis as you will have to see them with various factors including the density of population, total population, economy and more. 

In India, the model State (as hailed by some cine stars and some politicians) and the State that got global awards in handling Covid 19 has a pathetic show.  The Indian numbers are driven by Maharashtra 66,46,938/1,41,317 (affected / death) – followed by Kerala 52,07,826/43,946; Karnataka 30,01,554/38279; Tamil Nadu 27,37,962/ 36,656 & Andhra Pradesh 20,75,419 / 14,474 !!  - any comments on the governance !! 

Covid 19 – Corona virus is not yet conquered though the way people are seen on Chennai city roads makes us feel otherwise.  To add the worst fears, five more people in Tamil Nadu have been detected with S-Gene drop, indicating that they might also have been infected by Omicron variant of coronavirus, the government said on Thursday. (PTI)  A 47-year-old man who had arrived from Nigeria, along with six of his family members a few days ago, has tested positive for the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, marking the first such case being reported in Tamil Nadu, according to the State Minister Ma Subramanian. 

Moving away, city  Motorists continue to flout the helmet rule and the traffic police seem to have slowed down in enforcing the rule. Violations are rampant in core city areas like Nandanam, Anna Nagar, Koyambedu and Thousand Lights, with women among the most blatant offenders, while city outskirts seemed to have better compliance, reported a leading newspaper.  

Well, yours Truly had to pick-up spouse from her Office  at around 6.45 pm nearer Income Tax Office -  returning back home received a SMS intimating a traffic violation challan.  The fine amount stands paid duly .. .. .. murmuring there are thousands on the roads ! .. .. but ME getting caught ! (not justifying  the violation though !) 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
18th Dec 2021.


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