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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Sabarimala sacrilege ~ Govt punishes devotees; provides comfort to infidels !!

In our Country, Article 26 in The Constitution Of India states :  26. Freedom to manage religious affairs Subject to public order, morality and health, every religious denomination or any section thereof shall have the right: (a) to establish and maintain institutions for religious and charitable purposes;(b) to manage its own affairs in matters of religion; (c) to own and acquire movable and immovable property; and (d) to administer such property in accordance with law.

Religious beliefs are held to be sacred by those who have faith.  Religion does not merely lay down a code of ethical rules for its followers to accept, but also includes rituals and observances, ceremonies and modes of worship which are regarded as integral parts of the religion  In matters of religion and religious practises, Article 14 can be invoked only by persons who are similarly situated, that is, persons belonging to the same faith, creed, or sect.   yet against the majority community, Apex Court decided against on a petition made by those who did not even  claim to be  devotees of Lord Ayyappa !!

~ and today is a day of sadness, anguish, betrayal, ridicule, mockery and barbaric cruelty  by the State who has violated the rights of Hindus  - something brought about by thousands of Police force and the commie Govt.

To us Hinduism is a way of life  ~ it is with deep sense of anguish that we received the verdict which contravenes the  beliefs and conventions followed for thousands of years in Sabarimala overruled by a Court judgement …. Now today it is more !The argument that women are barred from entering the Sabarimala shrine is farcical and untrue. The absolute truth is that lakhs of women come to Sabarimala every year. That itself goes to prove that this whole debate is misplaced and based on a wrong premise. Restrictions are in place only for those women aged between 10 and 50 and this is primarily due to “Naishtika Brahmacharya Pratishta” wherein the reigning deity of the Sabarimala shrine is an absolute celibate.

The first thing that strikes any traveller in Kerala is the crowds of devotees thronging Sabarimala and more the lack of even basic necessities – bare minimums are luxuries for the devotees who undergo vratham for a mandalam, preparing for ‘kallum mullum kalukku methai’ ~ barefooted they would bear the thorns and stones on the path to the holy Sabarimalai.  One can see thousands getting down from every train at Thiruvalla, Chengannur and other stations – and everywhere you can see devotees lying on the ground, eating little food that comes their way – all in their penance to have glimpse of Lord Swami Aiyappan.   Offer my obeisance to these young devotees, who know not, what difficulty is !

In the literate State of Kerala, observed that there was not a single English board in Kaloor bus stand at Ernakulam ~ devotees including the child and old aged used to go the Pamba and trek their way or walk the arduous path of periya pathai.  Now in a cruel move, the Commie Govt imposed a ban on vehicles reaching Pamba, stopping vehicles at Nilackal – incurring the wrath of devotees, putting hardship on them, at the same time earning blood money by ensuring that they have to travel only by rickety Govt buses at the rates fixed by them.  More hardship awaits them as there is no stay facility, no food, and they cannot worship after fixed hours !!

That is for devotees ~ for infidels, whoever says they don’t believe in God but want to go to Sabarimala, the Govt would provide Police protection, provide their own uniform, take them on Police jeep, provide them food and allow the jean-clad infidels walking with shoes ..   today two such women (!) clandestinely dressed as male, with full police escort, allowed their presence in the shrine at early morning 3.45am, took photos and videos recording evidence of such betrayal and gleaming over this achievement ! Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan confirms the visit and says :  "It is a fact that the women entered the shrine. Police are bound to offer protection to anyone wanting to worship at the shrine." "We did not enter the shrine by climbing the 18 holy steps but went through the staff gate," one of the women was quoted by AFP as saying and they further claim they were   protected by small group of policemen, both in uniform and plainclothes and taken inside the temple through the backdoors !

What an achievement Red Govt ~ and Pinarayi Vijayan who ignores all Court orders when it is Mullai Periyar or that of other faiths ! – the entire Police force had been spending sleepless nights for stage managing this, at the same time preventing devotees.  The Govt with all its might organized ‘vanitha wall’ where ladies of other religion stood and held placards against ‘Brahminical patriarchy’ – something which they perhaps cannot read, neither understand – nor come out of their own veils, nor reach to their places of worship .. what matters, is ridiculing Hinduism – that too on a State sponsored platform. 

Sanathana dharma ~ our religious protocol is well defined.  We worship idols (Archavatharam for Srivaishanvaites) – Our deities are present in both  physical/  temporal and philosophical form.  Our beloved deities are  capable of having different physical and spiritual forms or manifestations. Worship of each of these forms is unique, and not all forms are worshipped by all persons. The form of the deity in any temple is of paramount importance. For instance, Lord Krishna in the temple at Nathdwara, at Mathura, Guruvayur is infant ~ at Thiruvallikkeni divaydesam, He is the Supreme avatar – charioteer of Arjun hence, Sri Parthasarathi.
The holy Sabarimala draws millions of people – Lord Ayyappa,  the presiding deity of Sabarimala had his human sojourn at Pandalam as the son of the King of Pandalam, known by the name of Manikandan, who found him as a radiant faced infant on the banks of the river Pampa, wearing a bead (‘mani’) around his neck. Lord Iyappa is the Lord of masses - the cult of Sabarimala broke the ‘divide’ created internally within the Hinduism and also created by ‘’divide and rule’’ model of invaders. During the Sabarimala season, you can see millions of people wearing coloured dhotis, wearing the mala and sandal paste on their foreheads. They observe strict ‘’brahmacharya’’,strictly follow food restrictions, live a dharmic path. These *Iyappa samis*  mingle freely with each other without any discrimination based on caste, age, social status etc etc.. address each other ‘Sami’.  Faith has been deeply rooted in society's political and moral behaviour.  Any challenge to that  faith, offends followers and believers,  seriously threatens the very fabric of religious beliefs.  

Hon’ble Justice  Indu Malhotra, the only woman on the bench, said that the petition does not deserve to be entertained. She was of the view that it is not for courts to determine which religious practices are to be struck down except in issues of social evil like ‘Sati’.  Adding that the issue is critical to various religions, she said, “Issues of deep religious sentiments should not be ordinarily be interfered by the court. The Sabarimala shrine and the deity is protected by Article 25 of the Constitution of India and the religious practices cannot be solely tested on the basis of Article 14.” “Notions of rationality cannot be invoked in matters of religion,” said Justice Malhotra, adding: “What constitutes essential religious practice is for the religious community to decide, not for the court.  She also said that “Religious practices can’t solely be tested on the basis of the right to equality. It’s up to the worshippers, not the court to decide what’s religion’s essential practice.”  .. ..

Now  the cruel Kerala Govt gloats that two women have entered the temple premises. Brother of one of them had  filed a missing persons complaint last week after she did not return home following her aborted attempt to enter Sabarimala. They even called a press conference to highlight her disappearance.  The woman responded through a video in which she said she was under police protection: “I will return home after a couple of days. For security reasons, I cannot divulge details about my whereabouts now.”  .. .. .. so a stage-managed betrayal of faith

~ what will the Hindus, the believers, do !!!

With anguish – S. Sampathkumar
2nd Jan 2018.

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