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Monday, January 7, 2019

'hath ka bana' greetings makes me Happy !

New Year 2019 ~ has well and truly arrived ! –  I leapt with joy on receing a small packet through courier.

Inside, it was so neatly hand-written (my name) by a person whom so many of us have affection and regards – the enthusiastic Prashant Singh !!

In this e-world where people find time only to send group messages, WA greetings and the like, this gentleman sent a beautiful card wishing ‘Season’s Greetings’ along with a small beautiful attractive hanging. (immediately it is now hanging at an important place in our home)

It is made of ‘papier mache’  - a craft known by French term Papier-mache (literally paper pulp) known in Jammu & Kashmir as kar-e-kalamkari, pen case work, after its Iranian name.  Papier mache was practiced as a form of decoration executed on the wooden panels of walls and wooden furniture, eventually adapted to paper moulds as well. 

It is not simple a piece of art – more so, that of an artisan, as Prashant’s Co – The India Art Investment Co  with tagline ‘preserving culture, creating  livelihoods’ integrates crafts and provides succor for the family of artisans.

Thank you so much dear Prashant Sirjee for making my day

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
7th Jan 2019.

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