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Saturday, November 3, 2018

SYMA celebrates Deepavali ~ keeping lamp of love burning

Srinivas Youngmens Association (popularly SYMA) has been rendering service to society since 1977.  Through ‘SYMA Growth’ – SYMA has been providing quality tuition throughout the year free to select 110 students of X & +2. 

Deepavali ‘the festival of lights’ is always enchanting – an occasion to wear new clothes, eat sweets, burst crackers, be with friends and relatives – a festivity which brings enjoyment….  .. SYMA,  celebrating Deepavali – was making people happy .. .. .. we made our students and their parents happy and in the process, we are happy !!
~ the Hindu Downtown featured an article on this on 2nd Nov 2018 ..  thanks to Mr KV Srinivasan (Kavalkazhani cheena) for this and for the photos.

DOWN TOWN :                                  Keeping the lamp of love burning

Deepavali is known as the festival of lights. It does not just symbolise bursting crackers or lighting lamps in homes, but lighting up the lives of others too.
Keeping up the spirit of love and sharing, Srinivas Young men’s Association, popularly known as SYMA, distributed new clothes to the students and parents of their tuition centre, who come from poor families.
The gift packets were distributed at NKT Boys High School by Tamil Nadu Health Secretary J. Radhakrishnan.
SYMA was supported in this endeavour through the sponsors A.M.R. Kannan, V.A. Seshadri and T.K. Mani, Managing Partner of Triads.
SYMA Secretary S. Sampathkumar spoke about the ideals of SYMA, on the tuition centre that provides free education to more than 100 students from poor economic background.
Link to the article :  SYMA Deepavali ~ Hindu Downtown

here is the photo that appeared alongside this article and the same occasion in another angle.. ..

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