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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Parisals at Hogenekal, Dharmapuri

Dear (s)

Lined up in numbers  ::::  Can You imagine what these are ?? and in what way are they connected with marine ???????
There are water borne objects kept on hard due to some agitation in Karnataka.

Perhaps you would be surprised to know that this is a means of transport across river.  Locally, it is called parisal  (type of Coracle, made of a small circular bamboo basket}.  Bamboo and buffalo skin go into the making of this intriguing contraption. In modern times, a sheet of LDPE plastic is embedded between two layers of bamboo. The bottom of the craft is tarred to make it water proof.  Might be prevalent in many parts but I myself have travelled in this at Hogenekal – a water fall in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu state along the border with Karnataka on river Kaveri.

It can be very scary as the oarsmen instruct not to change position once aboard this vessel lest it might topple.  The river is particularly deep near the water falls.  Adroitly they would take you near the fall to allow you enjoy and look at the spectacle and then would make the parisal turn/spin with speed.
Photo of some enjoying the ride 

With regards –S Sampathkumar.

(an old one – posted from my archive mails……..)

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