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Saturday, November 3, 2018

SYMA celebrates Deepavali ~ ensuring happiness of students and parents : 2018

Srinivas Youngmens Association (popularly SYMA) has been rendering service to society since 1977.  Through ‘SYMA Growth’ – SYMA has been providing quality tuition throughout the year free to select 110 students of X & +2. 

Deepavali ‘the festival of lights’ is always enchanting – an occasion to wear new clothes, eat sweets, burst crackers, be with friends and relatives – a festivity which brings enjoyment….  .. SYMA,  celebrating Deepavali – was making people happy .. .. .. we made our students and their parents happy and in the process, we are happy !!

William Jefferson Clinton served as the 42nd  President of the United States from 1993, to 2001. Prior to the presidency, he was the Governor of Arkansas from 1979 to 1981, and again from 1983 to 1992. A member of the Democratic Party, Clinton was ideologically a New Democrat and many of his policies reflected a centrist "Third Way" political philosophy.  Clinton extensively toured Tamilnadu not during Presidential days, but as  an ambassador of the United Nations tsunami relief programme  that covered  India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand.  The UN ambassador also toured the temporary shelters and saw its facilities, including the psychological support centre. He visited an anganwadi and interacted the children there and spoke to a few families. Later, addressing a press conference Clinton said he was very happy with the level of cooperation between government agencies and NGOs. He was curious to know how old was the Collector who was behind the neat organizing of relief measures and was surprised to see a young 37 year old collector. 

The festivity of Deepavali, could be felt in the air even before a fortnight, when one walks either in T Nagar area, where every shop be it selling Gold, silver or clothes – is overcrowded – the entire area bustles with people jostling to buy more and more.  In our childhood, a small sum of rupees spent would provide a bagful of crackers which would be our pride possession of exhibit to friends and neighbours.  

The reasoning of festivals is to make people happy – sharing of happiness by being with the people, sharing sweets and paying obeisance to elders.  SYMA stands for all the social values.  For creating a better tomorrow, we are striving to provide quality education to poor students.  Only education can uplift the poor to higher echelons – we are creating the infrastructure and are striving to help the poor children, [some of them - first generation students] by providing quality tuition assistance throughout the year in organized manner.  At our fulltime tuition Centre – SYMA Growth, we are now training 115 students [X – Tamil & English medium; +2 Commerce & Science Groups English] in our 11th year of operation [2018-19]

Today (Monday, 29th Oct 2018) as the students entered, they were made to assemble in the front hall of NKT Boys High School, little would have they expected what was to follow.  All parents had been invited for today’s meeting as the students assembled at the main hall.  At the end of the function, Happiness was writ large on their faces and seeing them  happy made us feel happy.

The Chief Guest was Dr J Radhakrishnan, IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt – really overwhelming with his simplicity and friendliness.  Mr TK Mani, Managing Partner of Triads, our regular sponsor was the other guest.  After prayer in praise of Lord Parthasarathi, Secretary S. Sampathkumar welcomed the Guests, spoke on ideals of SYMA, more specifically on tuition centre SYMA Growth.  In its 11th year SYMA Growth nurtures more than 110 students mainly from the downtrodden society.  SYMA has been striving to impart quality education and raise their standards through good education.

Among the many posts that he has held, Dr Radhakrishnan is ever remembered for his laudable role in providing relief when tsunami struck in Dec 2004.  At the badly hit Nagapattinam, Radhakrishnan as Collector of Nagapattinam oversaw the creation of a number of relief camps and handled relief in exceptional manner.  It was SYMA’s fortune to have a person of his stature, coming down, talking to students and distributing gifts.  He emphasized the need for motivation and doing things with dedication in the World which offers multifarious openings in various fields. He wanted students to excel in studies and in arts.  While knowledge is essential, skills would ensure their reaching greater heights, he said.  He also emphasized the need for cleanliness, good habits, cleaning hands and personal hygiene in living healthily.  He created awareness on dengue and other diseases and requested everyone to keep the surrounding clean, especially during rainy days.

He was heard with rapt attention.  He advised all to take ‘nilavembu’ which has proven medicinal effects and in ensuring this reach to all, he was the first person to drink a cup of ‘nilavembu’ water. 

Mr TK Mani an alumni of Anna University, joined TNEB and later started business of his own, which is thriving today.  He has been a great philanthropist.  Triads have been supporting SYMA for long time now. 

Today, SYMA distributed gift packet to every student of SYMA Growth.   The gift packet consisted of –    readymade Shirt  [for boys] / stitched  chudidhar  [for girls] ~ we had taken the measurements and ensured that they got right size ..
                              o   veshti & utharivam and saree  & blouse for their parents.

SYMA  was supported in this endeavour by Sri AMR Kannan (our ex-office bearer, now in USA) Mr VA Seshadri [our member, now in USA]; Mr TK Mani, Triads [ through our committee member Mr Srinisavan (Fallam)].  We thank our donors for making this happen.  The glee on the faces of parents and students was very much evident.   Mr S Venkatadri, HM National Boys High School, Mrs Subashini, retd Asst VP of Hindu Sr Secondary and other teachers of Growth were present. Elderly scholar Sri TES Raghavan, who has written many books in Sanskrit, Hindi and other languages and who has translated ‘Thirukural’ in Hindi, was a special dignitary and SYMA felt happy in having scholars attending and blessing us. 

Appreciations to Mr Durai @ Seshadri, the Secretary for the painstaking arrangements, executed with precision.  Really lot of effort has gone into this – right from taking measurements, procurement, storing, packing and distribution.  Special appreciations to ever working Durai, TJ Ramani, SR Parthasarathi ~ VP Mani, S Parthasarathi (Fallam) and others have assisted them. .

Thanks to KV Srinivasan (Cheena of The Hindu) for bringing ‘people’s collector’ to the venue.  Mrs MK Prema as usual displayed enthusiasm and keenness in making nilavembu kashayam and in ensuring distribution.  SYMA heartily thanks Manpower Group India and Mr PV Venkatesan, for their support to our Educational Centre and Medical centre for the year 2018-19.  Come join us, support us ~ together we will strive to ensure that the society is much better place to live.

One often gets queried on when one should start doing social work, how much one should have to spend for the society, and how much of time, one should devote weekly or monthly .. .. ..  there are ready answers  – not only by looking at our founder members and those who continue to serve SYMA and thereby the society – there are couple of boys -  studying 11th – yet coming daily to our Tuition centre and helping our coordinator Mrs Thara in her daily chores in administration.  Such commitment and zest for social service is rare ~ SYMA found it necessary to honour them and they too were  recipients of ‘Deepavali Gifts’ for Growth students.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
29th Oct 2018.


  1. Indeed an yeoman service provided by SYMA team to the society.. Kudos to you and team Sampath.

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