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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How difficult to open Bank Account ? Fradusters open Bank itself at Dharmapuri !!!

Reserve Bank of India  recentlypublished 26 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines, along with corresponding answers, to make it simpler for those looking to open a new bank account. Prior to Shri Narendra Modiji’s scheme, even opening of a Savings Bank Account was not easy for the common man.    Since Apr 2014, RBI has granted 23 banking licences to new players - two were given universal banking licences, 11 were issued payments banks licencesand 10 were given licences for small finance banks.. .. .. the procedures are tough and not easy to open a Bank (now read till the end)

Some of us spend so much on this funny, attractive, interesting, deceptive place – the virtual World.  Many cannot desist the urge to look to social media networks – checking for posts, likes, views and more !- what is on web may not be true !!

A video showing a man riding an ostrich amid traffic in Kazakhstan went viral, millions watched the video of man riding the bird amidst chaotic traffic ~ many kept sharing … now, it has turned out to be a fake one.  Downunder, the New Zealand health minister  found himself in the position of having to deny that  he took fake cocaine at a primary school fundraising event.Northcoteschool in Auckland ran a Las Vegas-themed function for adults that was attended by parents and friends of the school, including the health minister, Jonathan Coleman. Among the decorations and props were trays of fake cocaine, made from icing sugar, and disposable razors. 

Back home, Haryana government  suspended four sarpanches and a panch of four gram panchayats in Fatehabad district for allegedly contesting elections on fake educational qualification certificates.It is for the first time that minimum educational qualification was made mandatory to contest in the panchayat elections in Haryana. In neighbouring Punjab, - a “list” of Congress candidates for the 2017 Punjab election went viral on social media and created a furore in the party  as State party chief CaptAmarinder Singh clarified that the official list is yet to be announced.He said the “fake” list was the handiwork of “mischievous” elements to create confusion.

… .. .. ‘fakes’ ~ often we read about Quacks ..  Following the death of an eight-year-old in Thiruvallur, the public health department is all set to crack down on quacks in the district. Hemalatha had died  due to bacterial meningitis, after she had been treated initially by a quack.In August, about seven children died of water and vector-borne infections, in which, about four of them were treated by quacks.  Media reports suggest that about 16 quacks have been arrested in August. Senior public health officials said that the state government must implement the Supreme Court order which states that those indulging in cross prescription should also be considered quacks ! ~ sadly, there are so many Doctors practicing without actually having studied medicine. Health officials admitted that more such quacks were practising in big villages and towns such as Tirutani bordering Andhra Pradesh and regular raids have to be carried out.

Every one of us know and use these words… ‘Yes and No’ – the English words for expressing the affirmative and the negative respectively in modern English. The words yes and no are not easily classified into any of the eight conventional parts of speech. Although sometimes classified as interjections, they do not qualify as such, and they are not adverbs. ………… these words were printed in the ATM of Yes Bank…  they have it everywhere, I noticed it only  recently.

On that ill-fated day in Nov 2008 – when Mumbai was held hostage by Pak trained terrorists, Ashok Kapur, the non-executive chairman of  Yes Bank was killed by terrorists in the Trident-Oberoi hotel complex in Mumbai.  Kapur had gone for dinner with his wife at the hotel’s Kandahar restaurant in the 19th floor of the hotel when shooting broke out. In the shooting, the couple were separated and his wife was led out by security officers with a group of other guests. The news of his death came  later.The private sector ‘Yes Bank’ was founded by Ashok Kapur and RanaKapoor, with the duo holding a collective financial stake of 27.16%. The Bank has received significant national and international recognitions.   The bank is in news for wrong reasons….

The Hindu reports that four persons, including a banking correspondent of Yes Bank, were arrested for running a bogus bank, fraudulently tweaking the name of Yes Bank.  The ‘bank’ bogusly named ‘Yes ABS Bank’ was operating opposite the Government Arts College at Dharmapuri for the past one month. It was detected after officials of Yes Bank, Salem were alerted to the functioning of this fraudulent bank.

Based on the alert, manager of Yes Bank, Salem, Sasikumar had visited the 'bank'. The bogus bank was found using deposit slips, pass books with the logo of Yes Bank. Following this, Mr. Sasikumar lodged a complaint with the Superintendent of Police BandiGangadhar.On Monday, the district crime branch sleuths raided the bank. The bank was run by a Somasudaram, as its ChiefAdministrative officer, along with three others, Balaji, Sundaresan and Jayaprabhu.Inquiry revealed that Mr. Somasundaram was trained as banking correspondent for Yes Bank and was currently under the service of the bank. With access to the bank documents, Mr. Somasundaran had started the bank. Over a month of its operation, the group had collected deposits to the tune of Rs.1.60 lakhs, and had garnered a customer base of 83 customers.

Yes ABS Bank’s documents that had forged YES Bank’s logo were printed in a printing press owned by a Murugesan in Elakyampatty. Following this, district crime branch arrested Somasundaram, Balaji, Sundaresan and Murugesan, while Jayaprabhu is absconding.The accused were arrested and remanded under 7 sections including 120 B, 465, 468 471, 482, 489, and 420.

Interesting !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
6th Sept. 2016.

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