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Saturday, December 6, 2014

the belt that can charge tooo !!!

In olden days, Father and Master at school when angry, would let loose their belt and thrash the boy !!! – the belt thus doubled as an instrument of authority.  In this beautiful World, the ‘indispensable thing that many could not breathe without’ – is Cell phone ….. people are so crazy – that they keep looking at it, refresh the screen umpteen times waiting for that non-existent message, carry not one but more mobiles …. ‘what is a life without a smart phone’ ?  ~ and then the associated troubles – no tower, no signal, touch not working, recipients not within range, people not picking up – and battery dying down. For many, mobile phone is not merely an instrument for talking – it acts as time-teller [fortune teller too]; camera; mp3 player, location finder, distance indicator, auto/call-taxi  identifier and more …… and all these applications eat up power fast.

With the result, one has to frequently charge them – and when you travel what will you do ? – you find people crowding in Railway stations [inside the compartment too] nearer the plug points – charge when they have food at eateries ….in this background, it came as no surprise that when E-tailers flashed prices and when people flogged to the net for bargains,  one of the most selling product what not even the mobile phone …. 

It was the instrument providing charge and energy - a gadget known as ‘Mobile Power Bank’. These devices can provide power and solve the energy requirement of many mobile devices.  Called power banks, they  appear attractive, compact, small size, light weight, easy to carry. They get charged and can charge various other devices. Mi 10400 is a power bank. In other words, it is a battery -- similar to the one in  phone or tablet - encased in a metal body that has two ports. One of these ports -- a micro USB port similar to the one in your phone -- is used to charge the battery. The other port -- a full-size USB port -- allows you to connect a cable to it and then use it to charge your phone or tablet.  In October dhamaka, the powerbank was put up on sale at a price of Rs.899, which is Rs.100 less than its normal price. By noon, the device was listed as "permanently discontinued". "That was probably an error. The product wasn't discontinued. It went out of stock."

Here is another revolutionary gadget – the leather belt – the most sought after XOO Belt that  includes a buckle that doubles as a phone charger. A USB lead is concealed behind the leather part of the belt and can be used to charge up the buckle and connect a smartphone to it.  Mail Online writes of this belt that can recharge  gadgets while they are still safe in the  pocket. 

The leather XOO Belt looks distinctly normal and non high-tech, but its buckle incorporates a charger that is held in place by magnets so it can easily be connected and disconnected.  The belt, which comes in black and brown, can be charged up like an ordinary smartphone via a USB cable and has enough power to charge an iPhone 6 from scratch or 'pretty much any device' in around three hours. The cable is concealed behind the leather part of the belt, which itself contains a new type of flexible battery.  A Manchester-based company called Nifty is raising funds on crowd funding website Indiegogo, to put the belt into production. It has already exceeded its goal of $50,000 with 18 days to go.

‘The XOO Belt is a simple solution to an everyday problem - smartphone battery life,’ a spokesman at the company said. The belt contains a 'new breed of Lithium Ceramic Polymer flexible battery', six layers of which are sandwiched between the leather part of the belt.  These  six overlapping layers of this battery sandwiched between the belt leather to give a base power of 1,300mAh of charge. 'Add this to the 800mAh in each buckle—for a total of 2,100mAh—and you’ve enough to fully charge an iPhone 6 with some left over,' the company says. It takes around three hours to completely charge a phone, and the same amount of time for the battery pack to be charged up from a power source.

Stylish XOO belt charges your phone anytime, anywhere – the belt that conceals  a mighty 2,100mAh of charge,  looks, feels and weighs about the same as a really nice belt.   The belt is available to pre-order from Indiegogo from $125 (£80) (Rs.7730).

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

2nd Dec 2014.

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