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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SYMA to launch Swachh Triplicane ~ Cleanliness starts from Home, Street, ...

What it takes to keep the surroundings clean ? – have you ever wondered when you walk past any area which is untidy ! – other than blaming the system and expecting people to refrain from throwing litter everywhere –

WE can make a difference to the place around us – all that is required is ‘indomitable will, few leading from the front and people cooperating ’ – Sure you would have seen vinyl banners dotting the Mada veethis of Thiruvallikkeni – yes SYMA is launching a ‘Cleaning Campaign’ – not a single day job – with vision to keep Streets of Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam clean forever. Together WE can do that – and SYMA looks forward to your active participation.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a great beginning with his pet initiative -  Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.  The Corporation of Chennai has also launched a public campaign through various forums, including social networking sites, for a `Clean Chennai' and to promote source segregation of waste. The Civic body aims to make it ‘clean Chennai’  urging the residents to take a green pledge and do their part in keeping  their home, street, work space and city clean and free from litter.

7th December 2014 [Sunday] will catalyse Triplicane residents into action. With brooms in their hands, pledge on their lips imbued with enthusiasm to make the Divyadesam, a model place – a clean, hygiene place – volunteers of SYMA and passionate residents will go around the Streets launching cleanliness campaign making the Mada Streets around the Temple – ‘Litter-free Zone’, a clean area, where bakthas can walk with bare-foot around the Temple.

This is time to rededicate SYMA’s avowed path of ‘clean environment’.   SYMA is at the forefront in making the residents of Triplicane realise that a clean litter-free environment is possible, if only, we all dedicate ourselves in that. For three months from 8th Dec 2014, South Mada Street, Thulasinga Perumal Kovil Street [TP Kovil St] and Peyalwar Kovil Street are adopted and maintained by SYMA as a “Pilot Project”.  We are creating the necessary infrastructure, spread the awareness making the residents getting involved in keeping our place clean. 

The Cleaning campaign kicks-off  with a grand campaign @ 7 am on Sunday, 7th Dec 2014.  Come without fail.  Please bring your family and make all your known persons participate in the Campaign. Imagine more than 500 of us cleaning the streets of Triplicane and what better service can we do, to our Presiding deity of the Divyadesam – Sri Parthasarathi Perumal, as He blesses us in His processions.  It is a duty cast on us to keep the Mada veethis devoid of all impurities. It is time that we stopped people from spitting on the Streets and in public places.   Together, we will ensure a neat, clean, hygiene environment – it starts with Us, our Family, our Street, our Area, ………. Our Nation.

Come, Join us …… Together, we will strive to ensure that the Society is a better place to live.  The details of the Campaign  are available in the banner – do contact us through e-mail []  or our Office bearers by phone.  Do SMS back to Mr TJ Ramani @ 9444848880 confirming your presence.

SYMA in service to Society
Yours Truly – S. Sampathkumar, Secretary, SYMA
Office Bearers
TA Sampathkumar
SR Parthasarathy
Vice- President
R Seshadri @ Durai
Vice- President
S Sampathkumar
R Sanjeevi

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