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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Southern Railway scraps filing up 'declaration' for Season ticket

Not all Chennaites are used to travelling by train – me too, started travelling by train, only recently.  I personally feel, that the fare of Rs.5/-  is too low – and that of the season ticket – (monthly from Chennai Beach to Velachery) costs only Rs.120/-  - some of the Season ticket holders in the hush and puff realise after getting into the train that their pass had expired already – some might get down at the next station,  walk to the counter to renew the pass for another month ………..

A couple of months back, Railways introduced an unwanted procedure – of a Declaration to be given to Railways along with a copy of valid ID – the  format – yes, in fact an Undertaking by Season Ticket Holders that they would follow the Season Ticket rules and will not indulge in any anti social / unlawful activities or commit any offence under IPC or Railway Act while availing the Season ticket……………………………… and a question ‘purpose of travel’ – much like an Insurance proposal form – what impact will the answer make ? be it pleasure, office, study or ……. Something else ! The format extracted from Season Ticket Rules of Railways effective May 2007 was intriguing to say the lease.  

Season tickets are issued for suburban as well as non-suburban sections. Fares for Second Class MST is equivalent to the fares for 15 single journeys by second class (Ordinary) uniformly for all distances. Fares for First class MST is  four times the Second Class MST fares. Season tickets to children are issued at half of the adult season ticket fare. Quarterly Season tickets are charged at 2.7 times of the normal adult/child MST fare. Season tickets are issued for First and Second classes only and these tickets are valid in the class for which they are issued. Only one season ticket is issued to a passenger to travel between the stations serving his place of residence and place of work/studies. If the passenger is found with more than one season ticket to flout the distance limits, the additional season ticket will be treated as invalid. First class season ticket holders are not allowed to travel in AC coaches. Season tickets are issued upto 150 Kms. only.

Irate customers would often argue with officials in the counter on the need for submitting the form for every renewal too………… taking hint perhaps, Southern Railway has decided to scrap the procedure of filling up of forms while applying for or renewing season tickets.

“We have stopped issuing the forms which we introduced in August. Commuters no longer need to provide their personal details and address while renewing their monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual season tickets,” officials of the commercial department of Southern Railway said. The new arrangement is much simpler and commuters only have to produce a copy of an identity proof at the time of applying for a season ticket for the first time. The proof is returned and the commuter has to carry it along with the season ticket. There is no need to produce a photo ID proof while renewing the season ticket, a staff at one of the MRTS stations said. However, while applying for renewal at a station other than the one from where the original season ticket was bought, commuters need to show their photo to ticketing staff at the counter.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

9th Dec 2014

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