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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Noida Engineer was not Engineer at all ~ (கலைந்த பொய்கள்)

Every novel of Sujatha enthused me – ‘Sivantha Kaigal (the red hands or is it ‘tainted hands’ சிவந்த கைகள்) – had an interesting story line.  It is the story of a person who finds it difficult to find a job; joins a big Corporate. 

In a few months time,  his boss, who has earned a great name is forced to take voluntary rest arising out of heart-attack, this man gets catapulted to higher echelons – as life curve goes up and up, surfaces the trouble of past – he is no MBA – but had faked a Certificate from an acclaimed University.   A sincere old person in HR finds this out – he is taken out to a lonely dam and is pushed down the stream …… 

The sequel to this story was his  ‘Kalaintha Poigal’ (கலைந்த பொய்கள்) – where the daughter of the person would join the same Office and unearth the mysteries…..

The Income Tax department on Friday raided a residence at Noida’s Sector 51 and found cash worth Rs 10 crore and diamond and gold jewellery of around 2 kg. On Thursday, the department had found unaccounted assets at the residence and offices of  the person  and also unearthed 40 fake companies running under his wife’s name. newspaper reports are agog about  scams that could run over Rs 900 crore.  By many accounts - with diamonds worth Rs. 100 crore, two kilos of gold, crores in cash and 20 properties to his name, the man behind is one of the richest men in Uttar Pradesh. He is no businessman, just a government employee.

Newspaper reports state that Mr Yadav Singh, who is a chief engineer with the Noida Authority, has become an embarrassment for the state government after raids over the weekend revealed his fabulous wealth - virtually impossible on a government salary. An interesting report in Times of India state that - Yadav Singh, the chief engineer of the Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway Development Authority, till a few days ago, did not even have an engineering degree for most of his career.

He joined Noida Authority in 1980 as a junior engineer (JE) and earned many a promotions.   Till he became a Project engineer, he did not have an engineering degree. His promotion to PE came with the rider that he get himself a degree within three years, which he duly did, though it is not clear how he could have obtained a degree for a four-year rigorous course in such a short time, while, presumably also discharging of his duties as a project engineer. In 1995, he got promotion superceding 20 others without having a degree !

Another newspaper report suggest that Uttar Pradesh government engineer,  now an accused in two high-profile corruption cases, is mulling desperate measures to come out unscathed from the vortex of allegations surrounding him. So much so, sources say that he is preparing to plead he and his wife, are divorced because last week's income tax raids involve charges against two companies where she served as director.

Strange are the ways of people !

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