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Friday, August 8, 2014

Zucchini day today ......... and day of World's Indigenous people

Heard of Zuccini or the day associated with it~ which happens to be today 8th of August…. !!!

In this beautiful World, Indigenous people are people defined in international or national legislation as having a set of specific rights based on their historical ties to a particular territory, and their cultural or historical distinctiveness from other populations that are often politically dominant. The concept of indigenous people defines these groups as particularly vulnerable to exploitation, marginalization and oppression by nation states that may still be formed from the colonising populations, or by politically dominant ethnic groups. As a result, a special set of political rights in accordance with international law have been set forth by international organizations such as the United Nations, the International Labour Organization and the World Bank.

As you would know, the United Nations General Assembly designates a number of "International Days" to mark important aspects of human life and history ……….. then there are commemorative days used by various governments, groups and organizations to raise awareness of an issue, commemorate a group or event, or celebrate something – something alien to Indian culture as we get to hear Mother’s day, Valentine day and the like. 

The common zucchini is a close relative of the cucumber and the melon. It is a type of squash that comes from Italy. In fact, the name “zucchini” comes from the word “zucchino,” which means “small squash” in Italian. In Tamil it is - சீமை சுரைக்காய். Zucchini also known as  courgette is a summer squash which can reach nearly a meter in length, but which is usually harvested at half that size or less. Zucchini can be dark or light green. In a culinary context, zucchini is treated as a vegetable; it is usually cooked and presented as a savoury dish or accompaniment. Botanically, however, zucchini is a fruit, being the swollen ovary of the zucchini flower.

Strangely, August 8th is associated with not exactly with ‘Zucchini’ but more specifically stated as ‘sneak some Zucchini onto your neighbour’s porch night’ …………….   Reportedly established by an American television actor - Tom Roy,  this day purportedly  encourages sharing. "Due to the overzealous planting of zucchini, citizens are asked to drop off baskets of the squash on neighbors' doorsteps."

Tomorrow – ‘9th of August’ – is the International Day of the World's Indigenous People, commemorating  the day of the first meeting, in 1982, of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations of the S-subcommission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights.  The International Day of the World’s Indigenous People is a moment to acknowledge the vital contribution of indigenous peoples to innovation and creativity, to sustainable development as well as to cultural diversity.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

8th Aug 2014.

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