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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pelicans spotted at Adyar creek

My knowledge about birds is very little……….this morning I spotted some birds nearer  Foreshore Estate – I think them to be Pelicans. சாம்பல் கூழைக்கடா அல்லது மத்தாளிக் கொக்கு  என்பது  Pelican  பறவை.
 At the mouth of Adyar river estuary, there is creek which extends from the sandbar at the edge of sea nearer Adyar bridge – extending to small islets near the Chettinad Palace and another near Foreshore estate bridge where there is bus stand and small body of water across the beach road leading the Mandaveli too. 
It is here this morning I saw these birds – I had earlier posted about birds of Pallikaranai and those seen at Karapakkam – I do not remember to have spotted them over there.  Pelicans have a pouch under their bill and are generally big birds.  Pelicans use their pouch to store the catch.
Understand that Pelicans fish by swimming in cooperative groups. They may form a line or a "U" shape and drive fish into shallow water by beating their wings on the surface.  Pelicans are found on many of the world's coastlines and also along lakes and rivers. They are social birds and typically travel in flocks, often strung out in a line.  They are splendid fliers and can soar like eagles with a wide wing span. 
Here are some photos taken by me this morning.
With regards – S. Sampathkumar

24th Aug 2014.

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