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Thursday, October 8, 2009

எங்கிருந்து அழைப்பு ? வீதியில் உள்ள போது போன் பேசாதீர்கள் !!!!

Dear (s) 

Some common photos that we see every day on road. I had shared my concerns earlier also on this.

படங்கள் நன்றி : தினமலர் நாளிதழ்

There is a very disturbing news report on papers today. “Yesterday was a sad day - 11 persons were run over by trains in a single day – majority of them were talking on mobiles while crossing railway tracks in Chennai division occurring at in Korukkupet, Gummidipoondi, Erode, Pothanur, Morappur, Athur, Tambaram (two cases), Chromepet, Annanur and Basin Bridge

Human lives are invaluable and the statistics of Railway Police is alarming. More than 525 have died in the city since January this year being knocked down by trains while crossing railway and it is 1050 under Chennai division. The Authorities pathetically describe that despite efforts to create awareness, most of the deaths are due to commuters crossing track while talking on mobile phones. Was it a call from hell that was beckoning them ?

After the introduction of first cell phone in India in 1994 the users have multiplied in great numbers and there is impending need for inculcating the much needed discipline in usage. Today’s youth are inherently impatient. Irrespective of age – you find people talking on mobiles – whilst on road, driving, crossing and whilst doing anything else. The first thing most of the drivers do immediately on stopping at a signal is taking out the mobile and checking their calls / messages. May be every body is dealing with millions every minute ! BUT ……

In London Motorists who use a hand-held mobile phone or fiddle with a satellite-navigation system while driving could be jailed for up to two years. Prosecutors have said they could be charged with dangerous driving in a dramatically tougher approach to such offences. Even those caught fiddling with an MP3 music player or texting on a mobile at the wheel could also face the charge.

There are not tough laws in the country but more than Laws it is the attitude of people which can save precious lives. Lots lies in store to be achieved and let not life be cut short by a talk.

Please take an oath that YOU will never use a mobile – whilst on road – whether driving or walking !!!!! Tell all your friends also.

With regards  -  S Sampathkumar.


  1. i avoid mobile while driving; inevitably my mobile rings when i am walking, i will now try to avoid taking the call.

    a very good initiative; all the very best -kannan

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