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Sunday, May 19, 2024

So near and yet so far !! - Happy, Unhappy - Be contented !!!

Corporate Companies spend crores on finding out their standing.  Customer Experience trend is a main indicator – a 50% loyalty (meaning the other 50% could easily sway_ is a startling trend.   Fifty-percent customer churn is a death sentence for almost any business—which means it is time to prioritise customer satisfaction.   It does not matter if you are a Fortune 500 company or a start-up – you need to keep your customers happy – for that you have seemingly should be better than your competitors.    

Happiness is a state of mind -  it is a bundle of  behaviors, thoughts and attitudes.  When unhappy one focusses  on all the bad things in life. Not only   I continually thought about how bad they were, and would complain, and would ask, “Why me?” I would let myself sink into inaction and eventually depression – on the otherhand contented people are happy with the same resources.


What makes people happy !!  - the other day in a small place saw this Vegetable seller, his totalwares might sum up to few hundreds.  Not sure whether he would be able to sell all of them the same day, what happens when major portion is unsold, what happens when it rains -  and what could be his profit ! –the seller appeared cheerful and happy but most of us are not !!  

Many of us chase money and are not happy with our earnings – we feel many things missing in our life.  As we wait for the bus – we see Audis, Rangerovers, Jaguars and Fortuners plying on the road and people merrily sitting inside !  - in cinemas there is cliché that rich man is not happy and poor man can happily sleep daily – we are perhaps neither.   

One may feel living without purpose and life is too harsh – one of the reasons could well be lack of contentment.  It is a feeling of acceptance of the present condition  and satisfaction that comes from within. It is an inner attitude that does not rely on external events. It can lead us to experience more joy and meaning in our lives without having to rely on external sources for validation or distraction.   Imagine a clear lake, on the surface, strong winds cause waves that disturbing the lake’s surface. In the depths there lies still water,  that cannot be moved; it remains calm and stable despite the commotion on the surface. The calm of the depths of the lake can be likened to contentment.   

Contentment is not to be confused with  complacency, passivity or even laziness. Contentment is an active attitude and takes courage in a world that always seeks to distract us or make us reach for more or better. Contentment encourages our inner growth while allowing us to stay grounded and connected with what matters most. This can help us develop genuine self-love based on true understanding and appreciation which are essential for lasting inner peace.  

The World is full of negative things – there are memes ripe on social media on CSK not qualifying – yes of a team that won 7 of its 14 matches and would end up 5th or 6th – not at the bottom.  It is the  that  is the joint-most successful IPL franchise having won five IPL titles (shared with Mumbai Indians). In the IPL, they have appeared in a record 10 finals and qualified for the playoff stages 12 times out of the 14 seasons they have played, more than any other team. Super Kings have also won the Champions League Twenty20 twice in 2010 and 2014.   Let us accept the fact that this year there would be  no CSK in top 4 

They were as close – for qualifying they only needed 11 off 4 yesterday and there was this bowler who should be having nightmares not only remembering one bad over of his but also the 110M hit he had just seen.  Yet that man remained   unflappable. He landed four slower balls on the spot for 0, 1, 0, 0 as RCB completed the most stunning turnarounds to qualify for the playoffs


The limelight was elsewhere Virat Kohli looked nearly in tears. Faf du Plessis could not contain his joy. MS Dhoni was nowhere to be seen !!  All of it summed up the crazy night in Bengaluru, as Royal Challengers Bengaluru won their sixth game on the trot in IPL 2024 to knock Chennai Super Kings out and make the playoffs.   CSK came within touching distance. They needed 10 off the last two balls to qualify with Ravindra Jadeja, the batter who hit a six and four to win CSK their fifth title last year, on strike could not repeat the magic. 

Not long ago on April 9, 2023. Yash Dayal  was bowling the final over of Gujarat Titans' league game against Kolkata Knight Riders. He had 28 runs to defend but was carted for five sixes in a row by Rinku Singh as GT lose the game by three wickets. Dayal  was heartbroken and people who had never touched the Cricket ball too were harshly criticizing him – he covered his eyes and face with a towel.   Yash Dayal did not get another  game for more than a month after  and was  released into the auction pool  - luck smiled on him as he was  picked by Royal Challengers Bengaluru. 


18th May 2024, Dayal had had a decent run and had 16 to defend to ensure RCB proceeding.   The first ball he bowls was a full toss on MS Dhoni's pads  and everyone looked at the sky as it vanished out of Chinnasamy for a a 110m six.  Well there is life beyond !  and RCB is now in the top 4, can dream of lifting IPL 2024.

Cricket is a game, IPL is a great entertainer – watch the game, enjoy – no useful purpose in harsh criticism.  Live, love, laugh, enjoy !! 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar


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