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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Blue sky ! ~ நீல வானம் நீயும் நானும்

A casual pic clicked somewhere in Mount Road –not in Caribbean islands or in Kerala !!   (posted as it is without any colour correction !)  Nikon d7500 – F18/ ISO 1000 / Exp 1/3200 / 95mm at 15.25 hrs


1.       Ever heard this song !! 

Walk along the river, sweet lullaby, it just keeps on flowing,

It don't worry 'bout where it's going, no, no.

Don't fly, mister blue bird, I'm just walking down the road,

Early morning sunshine tell me all I need to know


You're my blue sky, you're my sunny day.

Lord, you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way,

Turn your love my way, yeah.


   2.  Know this story !!  :   Under a tragic circumstance Babu is forced to marry dying Gowri without informing his lover.  Gowri and his lover are friends and Babu keeps his past hidden …. What happens to Gowri was the storyline !!    

நீ...ல வானம் நீ...யும் நானும்

கண்களே பாஷையாய் கைகளே ஆசையாய்

வைய்யமே கோயிலாய் வானமே வாயிலாய்

பால்வெளி பாயிலே சாய்ந்து நாம் கூடுவோம்

-  the song from Manmadhan Ambu !! 

1)     Eat a Peach is a 1972 double album by American rock band the Allman Brothers Band, containing a mix of live and studio recordings. "Blue Sky" is a song in that album – the lyrics of which are seen above.  The song was written and sung by guitarist Dickey Betts, who penned it about his girlfriend (and later wife), Sandy "Bluesky" Wabegijig. The track is also notable as one of guitarist Duane Allman's final recorded performances with the group.

2)     It was the storyline of - Neela Vaanam (transl. Blue Sky) starring Sivaji, Devika & Rajasri released in 1965 !!   the movie was directed  P. Madhavan and produced by Varathan.   

Don’t worry trying to connect everything – the tree looked attractive in its blue background.  

With regards – S Sampathkumar

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